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Has anyone any idea where I can get glace ginger ? I have a glut of marrows, and would like to have a go at marrow and ginger jam - any ideas ? I live in area 56 Guilliers - so would be interested in reachable places. Best wishes. Babs H.

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Clover-382222 1250424029

Try LeClerc in the spot where they have the expensive shelled nuts,seeds etc. In ours it is by the onions and fruit part of the greengrocery section. Failing that, try the Vahine products near the flour,sugar etc for baking items. Finally from a Vietnamese or Chinese shop such as the little shop in Siam Brest that we always stop and look at the window.

parsnip-394469 1250424555

Or in any of the health shops , usually can find in 'weigh it youself' counter

AuntyMolly 1250428720

The english shop in Seglien - crystallised ginger, stem ginger in syrup, glace... you name it. And reasonably priced.

dizzie-395311 1250432310

I'm fairly sure I saw it at the bio co-op in Ploermel (the road below 'Les Carmes', where the CPAM office etc is located).

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