merguez spice blend

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Would anyone happen to have a traditional recipe for blending up these spices? I have looked about and found a couple,but if anyone has actually done their own i might be more likely to find one that has the taste of shop bought ones?

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lizfinnis 1250454231

When i want recipes for anything i ask the internet. They always come up with an answer.

Ilove to try spicy foods and get them from the internet.

thoma-413534 1250459331

So, which one did you try that you thought was good?

LanaParc 1250462036

Use your search engine(s) for the recipe for Merguez. There must be lots of them out there. See what comes up. Or ask your local butcher if you live in France.

Dumbo 1250466686

Helpful folk on here!


Marianne29 1250500265

Harissa is used in merguez sausages. There are many variations on the mix and I expect many butchers have their own personal one. Here is one -

You can, of course, buy Harissa paste in tubes and little jars in supermarkets.


thoma-413534 1250545530

Thankyou Marieanne 29,you have been the most helpful.

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