Mushy peas not approved of - but the French are fighting over Nutella.

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Lakeside 919439 1517043870

Yes Fitter....Gastronomic capital off the world fighting in the isles for Nutella because its on offer..How bizarre.And an Italian product as well.

Papi-10068015 1517313631

Well - the French might call France the "Gastronomic capital of the world" to the point where a lot of others actually believe it might be true, but of course, that's not the case. As we all know, there are many other countries with their own gastronomic "cuisine" of international acclaim.

However, getting back to the title of the original post - "Mushy peas not approved of,,,,,,", this got me thinking.  I love mushy peas - not every day, of course, but one of my favourite lunchtime snacks in the UK has been pork pie, heated in the oven, then drenched with mushy peas, then topped with a drizzle of mint sauce.

Not sure if you can get mushy peas in France, but bringing a supply from the UK is no hassle - and in place of the British pork pie, has anyone tried heating up some paté-en-croute ?  I've had this many times cold and very nice it is too - perhaps less fat in it than a British pork pie, but have never yet tried heating it up to go with mushy peas. Must have a go. You certainly won't find me fighting for Nutella.

sunshinedays 1517386520

Papi, I make my own mushy peas and when they are cold freeze them in portion sizes. I buy the marrowfat peas from and use the following recipe though there are lots of others.

stevietee 1517419813

mushy pea,s........check out hale and pace on youtube,,,Yorkshire airlines sketch to cheer up your day,

Papi-10068015 1517442699

Hale & Pace - that were brill and as good as I remember from the first time I saw it.

Oldbury 1518071978

France is up it's own end when it comes to food and wine; they can barely believe that other nations can cook let alone cook better. Make your own home-made pork pies, Papi, excellent with English mustard and peas pudding, rather than mushy peas.

Papi-10068015 1518091195

Home made pork pies - that's worth a go, but I'll have to pass on the English mustard, which is too hot for me. I agree with your comments on France's attitude to food and wine, but where do they get this arrogance from ?  I cannot understand why they believe they are the only ones who can cook or produce quality wine, when there is a world out there offering such a wide choice of good food and wine, which a huge chunk of the French nation won't even try, let alone admit that it might often be better than theirs.

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