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As a U.K trained butcher i was wondering if anyone knows the regulations for me to produce and sell traditional brit products via say the summer market at Bon Repos or the likes (farmers markets). I already make sausage etc and am looking at pork pies, meat pies etc. The items i make at the moment are for "own consumption" but would love to make for those of us who feel the need but am unsure of the situation for this type of thing. I am not looking to "go big time" it`s just a pass time that perhaps i can use to ease the missed tastes of the local brits! Thoughts /Advice gratefully received !

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halfacrefarm@gmail.com 1256981342

If you asked twelve months ago, under the old tax schemes the answer would have been easy, dont do it. Now under the newauto-entrepreneur system it may be possible. The main highlights of the auto-entrepreneur system are that newly registered
individuals will be exempt from paying taxe professionnelle for the first 3
years and there will be no social charges or taxes payable until the new
business starts to generate sales. But don't take my word for it, get legal advice.
The next bit, markets, if you decide to work on the markets there are many things to consider. On the markets there are long established businesses who have there own pitch, everyone else waits for the placer who allocates the left over pitches, usually he will know many of those waiting, people that have been coming for years but don't merit a regular place, he will find them a place first, then there's the others, in most markets he will find you a place, in some of the bigger places you may not get anywhere, Rennes actually has a lottery system to get the left over places.
Food sells, It makes me wonder how many market stalls survive, but food earns money, look at the queues for roast chickens. But most of these outlets are very professional with proper equipment, do you have the fridges, counters, market stall ? Or is this something you will need to buy?
How is your French? Don't try to set up a market stall aimed at the Expat community, its doomed to failure.
So you will need, to register under one of the tax regimes, have the equipment needed to operate your stall and insurance.
Will it work? Never know till you try, but a very expensive mistake if not done right. I'm thinking that the costs may be prohibitive to set up a part time business.
So, homework, take a look at the markets your aiming for, look at the competition, are they selling much? And what is selling? Can you offer something to draw there customers away from them to you?
Good luck.

stilton 1256986896

Thanks for the reply, I am fully aware of the tax situation etc, and to be honest am looking to do it as more of a hobby than as a business. Our French is good so have no probs with that aspect. The market type i was thinking of was like the summer market at the Abbey de Bon repos, midway between Mur and. This is more of a seasonal expat market,

I was thinking of doing Sausage, Pork Pies, meat pies etc. and to then offer to make to order. It`s something that a lot of people ask me about and to be honest would be a bit of fun.

I can get access to refrigerated van etc.

One of the main things i am not sure about is the law regarding selling at the likes of farmers markets i.e Licence`s to sell and also Hygiene Licence`s. I know in the U.K you have to have a Traders licence and also a food Cert for your premises. I already have the appropriate Hygiene certs for me personally.

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I believe you would have to start by registering your business with the Chambre (CCI for catering I think, somebody will no doubt correct this if I am wrong). Presumably when you go to do that there will be someone you can talk to and they will explain what certificates you need etc.

Devonian-414213 1256998631

I think it is very expensive to get your kitchen up to scratch for the DSV regulations for food preparation.

Sammiegolden 1257005518

Maybe you could approach your local Butcher or Charcuterie to see if they will let you use their space for preparation in return for you supplying them with your wares at wholesale prices.

If you are able to gain the certificate you need to produce your meat products, you might also like to talk to the supermarkets to see if they would stock them. I could be wrong, but they seem keen to stock some British produce which would be welcome to us as well as the French. You would also be able to supply the English shops and maybe a private clientele.

There is also a thriving Friday market in Mur de Bretagne during the summer and markets all year round in Loudeac and Pontivy.

Please do not give up. I believe you could be on to a winner.

stilton 1257021639

But would i need Dsv certification for a farmers market ? I`m only looking at it from a hobby point of view, not interested commercially as such. If i was i would do it properly.

The question i am really asking is do they really question things like farmers markets ? they don`t in the uk they just ask if you are a licensed trader?

Devonian-414213 1257070598

There is no such thing as a hobby in France. As everyone has to pay cotisations then it is all protected and food production is highly regulated.

stilton 1257074863

I pay my cotisations through being a travailler independant, that`s not an issue, What i`m trying to get to the bottom of is do i need a licence for farmers markets and the likes, i`ve seen people selling all sorts of food products at some of these, bread, jams, cakes, cheeses etc and wouldn`t think they would have premises etc which are licenced under Eu regs,( again i am more than familiar with these ).

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