receipe for creme de cassis

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I am looking for a reciepe for making creme de cassis, does anybody have one?

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batlands 1247141391

Crème de cassis

Pour 1kg de cassis écrasés

Le mettre au frais à macérer pendant 5 jours avec

1 litre de vin rouge de 9-14°

6 feuilles de cassis

1 verre de calva

le presser dans un linge pour extraire le jus

le peser et ajouter son poids de sucre

exemple: pour 2kg de jus, 2kg de sucre

cuire 5 minutes à feu doux à partir de l’ébullition


this recipe can also be used for raspberries.


dizzie-395311 1247184857

Thanks - I was about to start a search for the same. People round here have told me that Muscadet is used, not red wine, and in fact, I bought some home-made with Muscadet off a local woman last year at a vide grenier - she wouldn't give me her recipe though!

zoozan 1248119659

I made some creme de cassis last week, and my recipe is almost identical to that below. The recipe (and access to her cassis bushes) was given to me by my partner's 'tante'.

The difference in her recipe is the glass of strong alcohol is added at the end of the recipe (the alcohol in this case being the 'alcohol pour fruits' that you can buy relatively cheaply in the supermarket). So, as in the previous recipe:-

Pour 1kg de cassis écrasés -Le mettre au frais à macérer pendant 5 jours avec1 litre de vin rouge de 9-14° 6 feuilles de cassis. But then..........

I pressed the fruit through muslin into a large pot added the sugar and brought the mixture to a boil. When the mixture cooled I then added the alcohol pour fruits and bottled. (because I wanted some syrope de cassis as well, I syphoned off some before adding the alcohol.)


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