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Could some kind soul give me the telephone number of this new restaurant in Huelgoat. I believe it called Jardin .............? also, is it in the road to your left as you approach Huelgoat facing the lake. Oppostie the exit from the one-way system. thanks in advance.

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Linda W-387822 1250104039

Is it Le Jardin Secret?

Contact Tél.

Here's an article about it in Le Télégramme from a while back:

cranley 1250168047

Thank you Linda. However, I've been ringing the number and always no reply. I'l ringing when they are supposed to be open. i need to make a reservation for 5 for tomorrow, and cant seem to get hold of them.

I've been ringing 02 98 99 70 30

any suggestions ? ?

waters edge 1250168290

The number you quoted is not the same as the onw from Linda W. Could this be your problem?

SJ-398598 1250168352

You could try the number you've been given ending in 32!

cranley 1250168403

Whoops, typing error, i am ringing 32 at the end, not 30

Linda W-387822 1250171525

The newspaper article is from July, so I don't know if opening times have changed, but it states:

...le restaurant sera ouvert mardi et mercredi soir, jeudi, vendredi et samedi midi et soir et dimanche midi.

Hope this helps.

(ps the number came from the article too)

cranley 1250179026

Hi Linda

Yes I read the article and have phoned during their opening times, the number you gave and on the article too.

Funny how people react to a typing errow, would have been obvious I would have been phoning the digits given.

Thanks again.

nag champa 1250179775

Maybe they are shut this week for a holiday, a lot do shut in August especially if they do ouvrier lunches all year round and are not in a tourist place that only opens in the summer

cranley 1250183022

Many thanks. I think I'll have to assume they are on holiday or something and book elsewhere.

I'd heard a lot about it and shall try again maybe next month.

sunny-395601 1250183599

I rang them today just after 2.00 and they were there. Try this evening after 7.00

papaknows 1250553923

Hello, the correct number is 0298 99 70 32. They do not have an answer machine,so that is why you may wait for them to answer? They are open Tuesday - Sat evenings from 6:30 and also open for lunches Thursday to Sunday. I know this because I just booked for this Saturday(22nd) they have a live pianist on (Al Louis) and on the 5th the have a Beatles evening similar to what Gerry had at the other huelgoat restaurant that closed near the lake. They say bookings advisible as this place is really taking off, but we have turned up without and after a few drinks at the bar generally get seated, though my be different on the live entertainment nights.

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