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Hi everyone, went to a restaurant in Moncontour the other night. Had to wait nearly an hour for a rubbish meal which was inedible ! Our complaint fell on stony ground and we were literally laughed out of the restaurant. We paid because we are in France and that is what you do here, and complain afterwards, it seems. However, I know not who to complain to ! Can anyone help please ? Jacqui

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not a great deal you can do apart from telling all your friends about the place. Better luck next time. lilly.

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Its always best to complain during the meal rather than after.If you have to wait so long in future just leave the money for any drinks and leave.We did this in Paris and were followed by other customers that did the same.In the UK if you are not satisfied with the meal you don't pay the full amount.They will threaten you with the Police,but they won't come as you are still offering to pay,although not the full amount.You are in your legal rights,I should go to your local Marie and ask for advice.

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Thank you everyone although I really wanted to know if there was another organisation one could complain to. It does seem that in France there is never anyone you can complain to, and if you do manage to find that organisation, they then never reply. It really is terribly frustrating. When I was in England, I knew the network and always managed to get it together. There was compromise but this does not happen here.


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Don't eat it and don't pay for it. The only dodgy meals we have had in 19 years in France were all in Normandy. 2 in Coutance and one on the way. Had a drink waited ages for meal.when it arrived we went up to the counter,paid for our drinks and left. Funnily enough on the last occasion followed by 3 other tables. From the staff,no comment.

Returning fairly regularly to UK we realize how lucky we are to live where we do in France, with dozens of choices within minutes.

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However, I know not who to complain to !

I'm not sure I understand your posting. What is your complaint about? Apart from the bad service/experience you received.

You say you were dissatisfied with the meal. As others have said. You should have paid for the drinks you had and then walked out.

Unless there is a law in France against having to wait to be served, being presented with inedible food and then being laughed at. Forget about it. Put it down to experience and don't go back there again.

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Was it a Tuesday night? ie a 'Mardivertissant' night.
If so best avoid the restaurants, as they are usually packed out. No excuse for a bad meal though I grant you.

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