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Dear AI .. I know Choucroute is available here but I was wondering if anyone had seen Sauerkraut for sale in its natural form in the supermarkets .. Sorry about my spelling Thanks in Advance Chris

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orme2 1453306350

I've only seen it when they have special 'Semaines Alsaciennes', when you can find it at the delicatessen counter.


Busted 5 1453409080

I know I'm stupid to point this out , but I grew up in Germany and have lived here 27 odd years and Choucroute is Sauerkraute , the only difference is who cooks it .. Some like it sharper than other is all . I make my own ..

Kernowboy-10061199 1453419819

They often have it at the deli counter in Carrefour, Guingamp.

001sugarplum 1453463221

I thought it was the same thing too, although I know some of the really rank German stuff is burried for ages. The french version seems much milder.

So is  Flammekeuche the same as tarte flambee?


Busted 5 1453543058

LOL Sauerkraut is never "buried"  its stored in big jars (above ground) to finish !

bartyb 1453543597

surely in it's "natural state" it's cabbage

Busted 5 1453547337

Yes Barty its sliced cabbage brewed in a vinegar solution in its uncooked or cooked state !

djd_fr 1453672332

In my opinion, the best sauerkraut (choucroute) is the raw lacto fermented kind that can be found at the Biocoop shops.  It comes in a little bucket and will stay good for quite a while in the refrigerator.

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