Seville oranges

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Has anyone seen Seville oranges for sale in the Rostrenen - Carhaix area?  I'd like to make some thick-cut tangy marmalade.  I look forward to your helpful responses. 

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mavis cruet-909959 1453975595

Check out your nearest Biocoop, they tend to stock them

Bollydolly-889742 1453980833

Last year I tried the Amère oranges to make marmalade, a great success. I bought them from  Bio Coop, also most supermarkets stock them.

bretonne 1453980908

There are 2 bio shops in Carhaix - one in the market square and one off the roundabout by McDonalds.  

there is a very good market in Carhaix on Saturdays - you may find them there.

Chantishirl 1454168660

Intermarche have them in their publicity dated 26th to 7th Feb. But just checked &it says 26th to 30th

Jan -maybe they have some left? Good luck !


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