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If we believe the hype "soup" is the new craze after juicing or smoothies. So, with winter apon us  I thought it would be interesting to find some new ideas for soup. ( not to mention that I have recently aquired a  "Vitamix" which will blend exerything to creamy lusciousness)  Yesterday I made a big pot of ratatouille and added a dollop of pesto from a jar, (just to add a different dimention to it). With hot crusty bread it was yummy. As I had made so much I decided to whizz the remainder up in my blender and it made one of the most amazing soups I have ever had. I was wondering what other ingredients had been successfully turned into soup. Please let us know.

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Kernana-407546 1453310204

One dish which we like and perhaps can be  be turned into a soup is an Iranian dish we were taught, ( forgive my bad written approximation of how I pronounce it ) called Khoresh de Quarafe. Basically, par boil de-skinned chicken quaters,legs breasts in a big pot then add  plenty of cubed celery and chopped parsley (The iranians fry the celery and parsley before adding it, but we don't, otherwise it becomes a tad too oily for us) then just add ground turmeric, salt  and pepper.  Bring to boil and then  let simmer until  the chicken is well cooked.  And then add some lemon juice. Then serve on a bed of steamed rice. Personally I add a dash of honey flavoured soy sauce to give it a twist. But there is no need to, seeing as it is delicious just as it is. It lasts days and becomes delicious after say 24 hours. As regards making it into a soup or calling it such, well, it could be, but be careful and take the bones out first.

Kernana-407546 1453310433

Here it is...

geegee42 1453312640

We simply bought a soup maker, chuck everything in and twenty mins later voilà soup, does exactly what it said on the box.

Millisle 1453315407

It does same thing in a pot!!-just add all ingredients and cook !!-no fancy equipment!

geegee42 1453315540

Got it from noz for 25€ it cooks the veggies and chops it all brilliant bit of kit.

listy 1453325606

Any left overs wizz em in a pot / pressure cooker some stock, few herbs / spices - et voila - soup 1453329753

excuse me, I know how to make soup, I was just interested to know what ingredients people put into the pot to make a  soup. ( by the way, my Vitamix also chops and cooks the ingredients to make a soup but I prefer to sweat the veggies first in a little butter or olive oil, to my mind it gives the soups more depth of flavour)   Tomorrow the left over Spag Bol is next in line for the blender!! Good job we have 6 dogs that are more than willing to eat up any of my failures.   

Thanks Kernana, I will give your chicken dish a try, sounds very tasty.  

listy 1453333128

You ask'd what ingredients, and the ingredients are :- anything that's left over from dinner - from rice dish's to whatever

For actual planned soups - personally I like a good thick & hearty pea & ham (adding english mustard powder & black pepper to the stock) served with a dollop of fresh double cream, sprinkling of coriander with a lightly toasted split demi baguette.

listy 1453333341

fresh ground black pepper corns on a rough grind, more or less just cracking the peppercorns - not the ready ground fine pepper.

moi-383589 1453333644

Listy you make me hungry! 

listy 1453335117

LOL - me too --- don't have a good ham shank though or for that matter any yellow split peas left 

that's a point, I've never seen any yellow spilt peas in the supermarkets, any idea's anyone 

listy 1453338447

Moi, Try this one, with the toasted baguette,

Mushroom soup, another that puts a good lining on the stomach :-), add more or less chilies or take out the seeds depending on your own taste... 

no probs with ingredients for this, the cream from lidl is ok for in the soup but not so keen on the double cream for the garnish, shame really but UK cream has to top the bill for creams. 

I'll leave the link open for a day,!3379&authkey=!AMZztdLTsANRdBM&ithint=file,docx


moi-383589 1453339410

Thanks for that.Saved!

listy 1453377161

Hi Moi enjoy, and anyone else that's downloaded, will leave the link a little longer.

BTW Frenchdog, another good use for your vitamix is making castor & icing sugar from plain granulated sugar (white or golden) - saves paying double the cost for the castor sugars, 2 cup measures of granulated sugar at a time - vitamix between 3>4, literally switch on 1>2 secs then off  - same again pulse for 1>2 secs pour out castor sugar - for icing sugar same quantities in the blender just a slightly longer run time of 5>6 secs. Far quicker than doing through a burr grinder.

Kernana-407546 1453378303

Thanks for the feedback frenchdog. As an afterthought, last night I remembered a dish which I was taught when I lived in Taiwan, and whilst not a soup, it comes pretty close to it and is a great way of making use of all  those eggs which you might have a surplus of.

Basically, get 20 or so eggs and hard boil them and the shell  them. Par-boil 12 or so chicken wings or legs and then put them altogether in a huge pot of a mixture of 5 to 1 water and soy sauce. Add some rock sugar and five spice powder for added fragrance and bring to boil and simmer for about 30 minutes. Then serve on a bed of rice. That which isn't eaten, can be ate for days and days afterwards, if kept covered in fridge and then brought back to the boil again.

Kernana-407546 1453378399

As an afterthought to that, I would suggest adding some chilli peppers, garlic and ginger if you want.

listy 1453384036

kerana, will have a go at some of yours - although I do have a problem trying to follow recipes - for some reason they rarely come out as they should - hence tend to make it all up as I go along. Here's another you might enjoy and the leftovers make a great soup with the stock made up from whatever the principle meat used.!3764&authkey=!ABdsN7vH0L2c3-c&ithint=file,docx 1453388336

that's more like it, I knew there were some clever "foodologists" out there and now we have some wonderful new things to try and with the added bonus they are not going break the bank.

Thanks everyone,

listy 1453391190

As it happens Frenchdog, it's only in the last few weeks that I've started measuring quantities, tried to write down what's actually in some of the meals, normally most of the ingredients are whatever's around or in season at the time. However youngest is now at uni and needed cheap easy to cook meals hence some things wrote out & on the cloud. The older 2 are much the same as I am - rut through the cupboard / fridge / freezer throw it in a pan / oven and somehow it all works, with the middle one much to the annoyance of his mum who he still lives with.

Kernana-407546 1453392519

I am going to have to try out listys recommendations I think

listy 1453393271

Go for it,

this is another good one - all time favourites of youngest daughter & sons girlfriend - LOL never anything left to try for a soup!!3145&authkey=!AIs71smfkoNdEcc&ithint=file,docx

valbonne-home 1453394379

Soup is just flavoured water. I just drink a glass of H2O & have a vitamin. Much easier with less hassle.

c2oafc-383379 1453395926

A good soup is not just flavoured water ............ there are idiots on here now!!! Ive  been on here since 2004 and its sliding down hill thanks to daft heads 

Anyway Soup maker Morphy Richards with Saute option ..This machine is fantastic I cant do it justice with a desrciption but it hammers our old pan n blend jobs.... Covent Garden Soup Book a soup a day 365 recipes ... for different occdasions... We have Soup 5 times a week and we love em...  its by choice .. However we do use a lot of our own grown / and prepared foods in them 



Kernana-407546 1453396129

Well  said Chris. Soups are great and a good food for when you haven't got time to prepare a decent meal.

c2oafc-383379 1453396430

thanks Kerana ... I usually eat in the resto through my job so a soup in the evening is both sufficient and warming ... Hence 5 times a week ... Weekends well we go mad !!!!


listy 1453397762

On that principle valbonne, wine / beer / spirits are equally just flavoured water - so that'll be a wine gum with your H2o then

Colomban 1453402553

If I make a couscous I usually save some vegetables, chick peas and broth from the cooking.  Whizz up the veg and chickpeas, thin with the broth, add extra harissa if cast-iron stomach, and serve with pitta bread.

Very warming!

(Puts pinny on and heads for kitchen....)

chris1-400976 1453403965

Beetroot, parsnip and a little milk to thin it a bit.

Terrence-10054058 1454340372

allways freeze your leftover baguettes, then grate the amount you desire into your choice of soup gives a great flavour and thickens the soup. Also add some mashed peas with a small amount of mint sauce superb, they are all things you have probably got in storage.

DN-434538 1454423865

Normally I do soup as a day to day meal from whatever is available but I have made Soup as a special dinner party starter. The below recipé is a little fussy but looks and tastes very good. (It has been very popular anyway).

Cream of 5 onion soup with garnish. 75 gms butter, 400 gm white onion,400 gm white of leeks, 200 gm Shallots, 2 cloves of garlic, (more to taste if you wish), 500ml Chicken stock, 500ml of cream (pouring thickness), Salt, to taste if using fresh stock, do not add salt if using stock cubes.

for the garnish

Two scallops per person, cleaned without the orange roe. Chorizo sausage two 2cm long pieces per person/ could be a firm black pudding instead. Chives chopped.

Fine dice the onion leeks shallots and garlic, melt the butter in a large bottomed pan on a very low heat, add the onion mix, clarify and soften so there is no bite left in the onion mix. (if not using stock cubes add salt). Using a blender puree the soup base. Add the stock and heat to a very gentle simmer and finish by adding cream. Do not boil after cream is added.

For the Garnish, fry the chorizo pieces, starting them with a little olive oil to get them to leech their colour, the aim is to just slightly char the cut edges of the chorizo and get the red oil to run.

For the scallops, a very short cooking time is essential, dependent on thickness 60 to 120 seconds is all that is required. I use a cast iron skillet capable of taking very high heat, I have a saucer of olive oil and dip the edge of the scallop into the oil just before it hits the very hot pan, I start putting them in at the 12 oclock position whilst I count off the time then working round the clockface put them in the pan and take them out in order, so they are caramalised golden brown each side yet unctuous in the middle, and each one is just cooked.

For the service, I use the flat wide  type soup bowls so they are only shallow. The object is to have a very white soup, with two islands of golden scallops and two of reddy/brown chorizo then a slight swirl of the red oil and a sprinkling of the vivid green chopped chive.

As the actual soup can be made in advance it is not as complicated as it first seems.


Jack1-977774 1454425135

Thanks DN, have made a note of that one.

strong>Roasted Vegetable Soup:

Next time when roasting a joint of meat, roast it on top of the vegetables. Be sure to prepare extra.

Put all the extra veg from the cooking pan (with the juices) into a blender and you have Roast Vegetable Soup. Thin with water to get the consistency you like.  Freezes really well (thoroughly rinse out a plastic milk bottle, 1L is a good size).

listy 1454427674

Couldn't be doing that Jack, no propa' gravy with a roast eeeekkkkk.


MrsMiggles 1454452041

Favourite soup: Butternut squash, onion, crême fraiche.


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