St Malo - Where do you buy your wine?

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I'm traveling from St Malo instead of Roscoff this month.  I love to drop into the WBS -  Red Bus Wine store near Roscoff but as yet have not found a store near to St Malo.   Do you know of a similar wine store near to the port of St Malo?  My family will be looking forward to their top up! Thank you.

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pablopicasso 1454608963

As you approach the port .there is one or two wine outlets

LucyBee 1454609907

It's ...

Just on the left as you approach the port.. see link to map ...

24 Quai Trichet  35400 Saint-Malo

Bon voyage !

knobdog 1454613772

Hi.  Why don't you take a look in the supermarkets instead?  They have a great selection and are always cheaper.

Martin King-393934 1454614698

Have to agree with knobdog.We use RedCash near Roscoff but only for J P Chenet Brandy. We buy all our wine at supermarkets, usually Super U or Le Clerc. No cheap brandy at these places,perhaps they are protecting French businesses........ surely not ...thought that would not be allowed under EU law? Now there's a topic for a posting!

Iguana Rock 1454624909


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