Storage of pears

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Have picked the last of our pears and now don't know the best way to store. I have frozen quite a few, but no more room in freezer just yet. Thanks.

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I think the only way is to bottle them - they are very nice that way, similar to tinned pears. There will certainly got to sleep if you don't do something with them. You could try a pear cider or brandy!!

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What about making some jam with them? What about caramelised pears? Have lots of recipe ideas with pears, was given lots earlier in the year, sorry not to sure about long term storage though

dirkman 1257458413

Have just been given a receipe for pickled pears. When my friend asked me to try the ones she had done last year I was a bit sceptical but i must admit they were delicious. If you would like the receipe please let me know. I am busy pickling quite a few pears myself at the moment.

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