Where can I buy mini tart trays/mince pies?

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I am looking for trays to cook mince pies but not having much luck finding them in France...anyone know where I can get them/shop etc??? Or any catering stores that sell such items, including cutters etc for baking!! NO SILICONE!! Many Thanks

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Alison35-385907 1256511164

Jussy, for price why not do a search on the Internet for on-line suppliers that deliver to France from the UK? It's something I often do and am amazed at what can be delivered. Pity didn't know before coz Tom could have sent some to the storage unit! Guess you've tried Metro? Here's an online supplier in France with a link direct to mince-pie looking tins: http://www.cuisinstore.com/plaque-tartelettes expensive for just 9 tarts, here's another with similar: http://www.twenga.fr/dir-Maison,Batteries-de-cuisine,Moule-a-tartelettes


Purple piggy 1256513299

Try www.mora.fr for all cake/baking things!

david steer 1256595810

Depending on where you live Jussy, there is a shop in Lanester that sells kitchen accessories. I like to have a wander in when i am passing. It is just up from Netto.

Sammiegolden 1257189091

Just bought mine on Ebay... 12 cup x deep, non stick for £2.99 plus postage ... same ... just under £6 .... that would be about €7.50 ish .. .so a reasonable buy.


Skylark-392906 1257729993

According to their latest newsletter, Lidl will have them in their stores on Thursday 12th November .......6 muffin or 12 mini muffin size, plus several different sizes and types of large cake tins, and various sets of cookie cutters too...........


grannydot-403561 1257755541

I have mountains of various tins, but still can't resist them when on offer, especially st Lidl, but I do use them all. I have bought lots from Lidl when they have been on offer and they are good non stick, I now have 4 x 12 various depths tray from there. They are certainly worth a trip to the nearest Lidl for.

debra22 1257756643

try there mince pie recapie on the website ,the smell of the orange is wonderful , great recapie.google lidl recapies and go onto baking,

dancingqueen-424771 1258147301

Spotted in our local Lidl (22 Lamballe) today, baking trays, cake tins, moulds...etc...also spotted the odd bun tin.

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