Which restaurant (s) do you favour ?

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Bonjour mes amis ( Hello my friends ),I thought that it would be handy having a thread running where you all can share you restaurant recommendations here in Brittany to help others decide where to go for a nice meal.Please let us know where the restaurant is and what it is that you like about it. Price range, service , taste and ambiance are good things for people to know.I am maybe not the best person to get this rolling as I have not visited any restaurants in Brittany in quite a few years,but going back quite a while the restaurant that I always placed above any others was " Le Merlin " at anse de sordan on the morbihan side of the lac du guerdelan.I found the food to be excellent,the service exceptionally good and loved the view of the lake from the old terrace which is now indoors. It was a bit more expensive that a lot of the normal resto's around the area,but I always felt that it was great value for money. Many times I treated my girlfriend at the time to a nice lunch there and was happy to pay fifty or sixty euros for something a bit special.Only once did I have a complaint and that was after an evening meal when I fancied a glass of decent cognac and they gave me too much cognac especially for the price.I have not been there for a good few years now however so do not know if it is the same couple of Dutch lads running the place and if it is as good quality as it used to be. It would be good to hear from anyone who goes there now.Please take a moment to share your favourite restaurants with us and help others enjoy some of the best of Brittany.I hope that this message finds you all in good health and in good spirits.Love and lightJamie xx

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Fitter 1510253650

There is a restaurant called Moulin de Pont Samoel near Silfiac - not been there yet but if comes highly recommended - booked in there for a week or two's time with a club xmas dinner.

Don't do facebook myself but there is a page here on that resto.


itinerant child-414831 1510254146

Thanks for sharing that Fitter. I have also heard good words about said establishment.

Tryval 1510255070

You wont believe it, but today, I was wondering where you were mate :-)

Tryval 1510255245

'Moulin de Celac', nr. Questembert.

Southern Guy 1510262724

We go to - Centre Commercial Leclerc, Rue Gustave Courbet, 29600 Morlaix, France, cannot remember the name of it though but it is good.

Balli 1510316299

Southern Guy...is it Cafe Noir?

Tryval 1510349916

You keeping ok I C?

itinerant child-414831 1510401193

Happy,healthy and positive my friend. Have not long got back from my last tour around france with gardens and dry walls repaired in Burgundy,Auvergne,Limousin,Dordogne,Savoie and Jura. Also got to go and spend a month with my mum in Wales in June which was very nice.

I have got about four weeks in Brittany before having to go south and east again until about March. so keeping busy as well as spending lots of time walking and enjoying france's beauty spots and flora and fauna.

I hope you and everyone else is keeping well and happy too and are making the most of life whilst you can. xx

Oldbury 1510579958

recommend la Calypso at Carnac, but it is expensive. Best lunch I've had here is at Pont d'Arz by Pluherlin.

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