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Anyone got any good recipes for this afternoon's bbq?

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Having made some wonderful sloe vodka this year (saving one litre soaking for next Christmas), we have a load of very alcoholic sloes. They are not bitter to eat but have very little fruit around the stone. It seems a shame to throw them away (well, the pigs would love them) so does anyone have any suggestions as to what we could do with them. Would it be worth buying more alcohol and soaking them again for a few months? All ideas welcome. Hic!

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Our family is very fond of lamb and free range chicken and was wondering if anyone can give me a contact for these. Am not interested in the supermarche meat. We are between Locmine and Plumeliau. Many thannks.

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Following on from another thread, I've had a couple of PMs requesting rice pudding recipes, so here's mine: 100g pudding rice (round grain)300ml water570ml milk (creamier if made with full fat)50g butter75g caster sugar2 egg yolks, beaten (you can vary the amount of eggs up to 4 and use the whites too if you wish)grated rind of one lemon (untreated) Parboil the rice with the water for 5 mins, add the milk and cook gently 30 mins until rice is tender. Add butter and sugar and stir well. Remove from heat to cool a little. Add beaten eggs and lemon rind. Mix and pour into buttered oven proof dish. Bake at 130C for 45min - 1 hour. If you want it richer, you can add cream before baking. You can also sprinkle with nutmeg or cinnamon if you like it before baking. You can also adjust this recipe according to taste as regards amount of sugar, milk (if you prefer it runnier, for example).

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As of March 2010 we will be living off a Government Pension, I have a fair idea of prices now and have a freezer full of stuff on promo but I'm going to have to say we have X number of euro's per week to live on, plus petrol for the car. I do know how much our elec, fuel, taxes etc.... are and have accounted for that but food seems the biggest 'gray area' any help ideas would be gratefully recieved.

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How dangerous is it to eat a bird peppered with lead shot?

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wanted good restaurant for Saturday night, 2nd January ........must be near Baud/Locmine. Please email me names and tel number too.Thank you ..you are a star!!!!

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Is anyone else appalled at the continual sourcing of food from: South America, 'equator', Vietnam, etc. Aren't people aware of environmental and animal welfare issues here? And anticipating criticism, I certainly know many Brits in Brittany totally unenlightened.

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I've run out and can't seem to see it in the supermarket. If you can buy it out here ,what is it called..??? We are having an Indian night tonight and most of recipes need it..!!!!!!!!!!

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Am I imagining it, or is food MUCH more expensive in French supermarkets and even buying direct from farmers' markets than it is in the UK? Recently I found the differential in the price of the same jams, and even the price of a chicken, free-range or otherwise, was enormous. Am I just shopping in the wrong places? Is the food quality so much better in France that it's worth double or more? In the case of the same brand of jam, that cannot be the case. I think I need some tips on how to make money go further. However, eating out in a restaurant seems to offer better value than the UK. How can that be, if the produce is dearer to start with? Even allowing for exchange rate falling, it seems difficult to reconcile. From 'Confused of Brittany'.

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My wife has found that she has become sensitive to Gluten. Any normal flour products make her feel quite unwell also she suffers from high cholesterol. We have just been to the BioCoop at Pontivy and bought 1kg of Farines sans Gluten 6€20 which we think is extreme. Can anyone suggest a cheaper source of Gluten free flour in either area 56500 or within reasonable driving distance. Many thanks

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dear AI Is it a special kind of Oil to be used in a Fondue as we have acquired one but it does not clearly state what type of oil to use, thank you, Chris

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http://voisinsdepaniers.org/armor/index.php French Food Association: An On-line Local Food Market Before becoming a new volunteer in the Dublin Food Co-op, I was a member of another Food Association, in Brittany, Northern France, in the county of Cotes d'Armor. Set up in April 2004, this French Association, called Les Voisins de Paniers, was founded by a group of friends, who wanted to offer an alternative way to sell and supply organic produce. The association promotes local agriculture in order to protect both animals and the environment. You're probably asking yourself what Les Voisins de Paniers means. I'm sorry but I can't give you a direct translation from French to English. But I think you will discover its true meaning by reading this article. The structure of the French Association is quite similar to that of the Dublin Food Co-op. However, it offers another way to buy local and organic produce. Unlike the Dublin Food Co-op, Les Voisins de Paniers, doesn't hold a weekly market. It sells its products on its website: www.voisinsdepaniers.org. This website provides a lot of information about the association's producers. A products list is also on-line, from which you can choose your purchases. You simply fill in an order form and send it in by email before Tuesday of each week. The order is put in a shopping basket and dropped off to the store, closest to your home. The shopping baskets are delivered to the customers' designated stores every Friday evening or Saturday morning and there are approximately eleven of these stores in the area.members and seven hundred non-members have used its on-line facilities. People can purchase items from the on-line store three times without actually becoming a member. But you can only purchase further items by paying a membership fee of €25. The association has a Board of Management, made up of six members. The association supports around thirty local producers and offers its members all sorts of products, which come from local farmers, such as fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as milk, eggs, pasta and meat. Home-made dishes cakes and desserts are also available - chocolate mousse, yogurts, jam etc The association offers advice and encouragement to all its producers. The purpose of Les Voisins de Paniers is to source locally-produced food items, organic or non-organic. The association believes that the importation of organic products has a harmful effect on the environment. The association gives financial support to the producers every year, to the amount of 88% of its annual turnover (approximately €200 000 annually). The association is keen to spread its message and staff are always on hand to answer questions and give information about developments and initiatives that have made Les Voisins de Paniers what it is today. Linda le Metayer (Co-op Member)

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I used to be able to buy Sharwoods Poppadums in Geant in Quimper but no longer available, has anyone seen them in another supermarket? Area 29/22. Thanks.

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Does anyone have a contact number for Chez Winnie? Or know if they are open today? Or have they closed? Have seen posts about them closing, I don't want to drive up there to find it's shut! One number isn't working, and the other isn't answered. Cheers.

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I know I should have paid attention before xmas but do any of the supermarkets open today?Thanks

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lHow great it is to get local food right on your door step cancale oysters, coucou de renne coq, local goose breton butter ,cheese, veg without leaving a huge carbon footprint and great value and quality why look farther a field its right here under your nose bonne noel.

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If so where please as I am off there this morning? Many thanks Karen

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please can someone tell me how to prepare and cook scallops in particular what to do with the orange bit that seems to be attached to the ones in the supermarket

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hi all ,are the supermarkets open normal hours today , thank you n merry christmas.

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