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I have just been to the English shop in Seglien where they are taking orders for Turkey Crowns, gammon joints etc for Christmas and I have to say the shop is very well stocked with all the things we miss and a beautiful Christmas Shop - well worth a visit.

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Can anyone recommend a good quality restaurant for evening within the area of Josselin, Merdrignac and Ploermel. By good quality I mean both ambience and food similar to Relais de Porhoet in Guilliers. Its for a special occasion and needs to be "special". Please dont recommend the one across the canal from the castle in Josselin.........been there, done that and not at all impressed !!!!!! Thanks in advance.

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Am looking for chocolate for using with Chocolate Fountains. Did order some but now told its unavailable. Has anyone noticed this type of chocolate being sold anywhere nearby. We are not far from Gouarec in Dept 22. Thanks

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iI have just been to see Richard lepetitefarmshop@live.co.uk & bought a Turkey this is my 3rd year of buying from him he said the responce for Turkeys this year has been great and has only a few left; Molly

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Hi there, I dont know if anyone can help but its my partners 50th birthday on Christmas Eve and I am trying to find a restaurant either doing a "Christmas Soiree" or something during the day time. I have tried la Rotunde but am getting no reply so can only imagine it is shut. Can any one else suggest a special restaurant. Many thanks for your help.

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Would anyone be interested in joining up to order veggie and vegan food from a supplier in the UK? As a vegetarian there are very limited supplies here in France, and many things are expensive. We can order online from Suma http://www.sumamarket.coop/ who have a great range with discount for bulk orders, so if anyone is interested in clubbing together to save on postage (£12 for up to 20kg to france) or get things a bit cheaper by buying in bulk then please let me know; This will be a non profit making way of helping out fellow veggies. We are in the central Brittany area near Gourin.

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Anyone know if Leader Price in Chateauneuf is open through lunch time. Thanks

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Interested in finding out about being veggie in Brittany? Join us for a free lunch! We're celebrating WVD for the 4th year on Saturday, November 7th - it's Open House from 1pm onwards. Just call in to sample our buffet with a glass of wine. English / French, veggie or not, all are welcome. An opportunity to discover how being vegan is not only good for the animals but for your health and the environment.

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I am looking for a company who will send dried veggie or vegan burger/sausage/falafel mixes out to France. Brands such as Granose and RealEat spring to mind. If anyone in the AI community can point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful. Thank you

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does anybody know where I can get some ready made and rolled icing and marzipan for xmas cake merci

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Can any help? I would like to do a Tiramisu for Christmas, all the recipes include mascapone cheese, is there anything else I can use as I dont seem to be able to get any? Thanks

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Good Day All, I've been trying to find recipes for pate in Kilner jars. My freezer is full of pork and on my shelves there's loads of jars. But I can't find recipes for pork pate. Fingers crossedThanks in advance

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hi does anyone know where i can get english sausage meat;christmas crackers.preferably befor this weekend thanks

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Does anyone know where I can buy a turkey for christmas.Thank you

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Hi, can anybody tell me if there is anything like Philadelphia cheese or can it be bought over here? Thanks.

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As my name infers, I am not averse to food, and with many exploratory missions I have found some excellent 'Buffet volonte' chinese restos. But what eludes me is a good Indian resto. We have eaten french indians, but are not impressed, is there an Indian in 22 or 29 (or even further), that serves quality english standard indian meals, Madras, Vindaloo, Butter chicken to name a few. Please do not post singing the virtues of french food, we eat french every day, and 'integrate' as best we can,buy french cars and don't go to Tescos once a month to 'stock up',etc etc etc etc..... Merci en avance.

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Does anyone know if it's possible to get parcels of food delivered here in Bretagne from a UK address? May seem like a silly question but are there any freight or shipping companies that will undertake this type of delivery? Thanks Mac

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hi can anybody tell me do they do cottage cheese here

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(with delicious vegetarian option). If anyone is looking for a place to go for a traditional English Sunday lunch, then we can thoroughly recommend a Chambres d'hotes in Plaudren near Vannes. Please email me direct and I will send you a link to their website. You will, however, need to book in advance.

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I thought it may be good to start a thread where we can share recipes, ideas for using up anything in season, ways of making things such as soured cream that you can't buy here, cheap meal ideas, etcHere's a few to start it off:Soured Cream1/2 small tub Creme FraicheJuice of 1/2 LemonAdd juice to creme fraiche and stir.Chow MeinLeftover meat from a roast, cut into thin stripsNoodles, cooked as per packet instructionsSoy SauceLittle oilPut oil in a hot wok, add meat, stir-fry until cooked, add noodles, stir, add soy sauce to taste, serve immediately.Soy Glazed Pumpkin225g Pumpkin, cut into 2.5cm cubed, par boiled until nearly cooked100g Sugar5cm fresh Ginger, grated6tbsp Soy SaucePepperCornflour mixed with waterPut a little oil on a hot wok, add pumpkin and stir. Add 6tbsp water, sugar, ginger, soy sauce and pepper. Heat slowly until sugar dissolves. When it's come up to the boil add cornflour a little at a time, until it thickens and the pumpkin has a slight glaze to it.Look forward to hearing your ideas, happy cooking

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