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With family & friends over for the New Year. Looking for good restaurant open on New Years Eve

started by: danmacdonald · last update: 1259429806 · posted: 1259429806

Thinking of booking a Christmas night out for friends and family. I wanted something traditional and had found THIS www.lepetitmoulinrouge.combut was also looking for comparisons. Any ideas anyone?

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We just had a fantastic take away Pizza from Le Rosbif in St Vincent... Loads of toppings and great value... best Pizza we've had in ages, thoroughly recommend them! Yummy!

started by: Britney Ferry · last update: 1259269730 · posted: 1259065253

Just acquired a Swan Breadmaker. First time out I used a pre-mix, disaster, it was like a brick. So this last time I used Francine bread flour, Francine sachet of yeast etc, quite a bit better but still too heavy. I followed the instructions to the letter, do I need to do some tweaking? Any help would be great!

started by: maureenb-393576 · last update: 1259254650 · posted: 1259186914

Does anyone out there know where I can order a not too large, fresh turkey for Christmas please? Wondered of someone might be breeding them maybe. We live near to Guemene-sur-Scorff (56).Thanks for any suggestions.maureenb

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HiI hear so much about oysters in Brittany and have seen people eating them, but my own experience comes from England when I was ill from having some.I am not encouraged anyway, because I don't see the sense in just slurping it down in one swallow.In Florida, I have often been to an oyster restaurant (Callico Jack's) where we would enjoy STEAMED oysters by the bucket or half bucketful which would be chewed and tasty. They were, I believe, fresh water oysters. By the way, I am keen on cooked scallops.Can anyone tell me what I am missing should I get over it, and what I should do to get the best out of them.

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Is there a Christmas Poultry Fair in Brittany ? I remember seeing an advertisment a year or two ago for a "farmers market " type fair where all the usual Christmas poultry was on sale . Does ayone know of such a an event and when and when it is held ?

started by: juicy dog · last update: 1258974365 · posted: 1258917832

We only normally come over to our house during the summer months and then we have barbecues or long evening meals out - in Dinan. This year we are coming over in December for a week, but not Christmas. Can you tell us please what is the best time to arrive at a restaurant in winter. We like to eat surrounded by French people enjoying their food!

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just a long shot, but does anyone know where i might buy some chinese blackbean sauce? used to buy it in a packet in uk and havent seen it here don't know if you can make it yourself but if so a recipe would be appreciated thanks

started by: Sue@LeMillet-389133 · last update: 1258815322 · posted: 1258738845

We have a white turkey for sale. Will be VERY large, although impossible to say exact weight at the moment. Well kept, happy bird will be ready by 20th December. 50 Euros only.

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I'm looking for recipes for beef tongue, does anyone have any tried and tested ideas. We can find plenty on line but would rather here from you.

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Not something I normally use .. but have a wonderful recipe for a Dundee Cake and it calls for Black Treacle. I have to admit I haven't looked for this when shopping, but would I be correct in assuming that either Black Treacle or Molasses is something that you would only find in Health Food or Bio shop?

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I have a big bucketful of delicious FALLEN Apples. That being so, they can' be stored in the normal way and will have to be frozen. I have looked on the internet and there are several methods . I would be most interested to peel, core and slice the apples and freeze them in that state so I can use them for many things in the months to come. The method that attracted me most was using ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) but when I went to enquire about buying this from the pharmacy, the price was €24 for 250 grammes ... a bit on the high side to freeze apples. I would be most interested to know what your successful method was. It seemed such a shame to let all the apples on the ground just go to waste, especially as they are really delicious.

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I am sorry to ask but we were working at a farm near Missilac earlier this year, and the owner gave us some wine to try I think it was called chassanay, not Chardonay, any help really appreciated as it was a really good taste, thank you Chris

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Hi Went to Carrefour today and was surprised to find they do not sell DARK Muscovado Sugar?. Does anyone know where i can purchase this from?. My homemade Freeze-ahead mince pies will have to wait awhile, Boo hoo :(

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in the Rennes area..starting tomorrow (NOV 18) there will be fresh local turkeys on sale at the Mutant in Betton, which is just north of Rennes..3.90€ a kilo and they will be around 5-6 kilos a piece..HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

started by: JimH-405027 · last update: 1258489549 · posted: 1258104265

We are coming over to Brittany shortly and want to give our french neighbours xmas hampers containing "typical" english products that are not readily available in Brittany. So far, we have tea bags, clotted cream shortcake, westcountry chutney, real ale, xmas pudding. What do you miss that is unavailable here, that might fill my hamper? Thanks for any replies.

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Where can I find a butcher/supplier of Christmas turkeys, in the 56 area?

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h.can anyone tell me the name of the shop in area 29 that sells english food.thank you

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Hi After 4 different shops tried at the weekend, I still could not find any, anyone located somewhere selling mustard seeds. Is there a market that sells herbs and spices by weight? Thank you

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