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can anyone recommend someone to supply my Xmas turkey, Sausages etc molly

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My Doctor has just told me that my blood test has revealed that I am type 2 diabetic. This is a bit of a shock but as I want to deal with this in as sensible way as possible I wonder if anyone can give me information on a couple of questions. The Doctor did not suggest any particular diet or where I can go for advice, but all he said was NO sugar NO honey, bananas, pineapple, grapefruit and not to bother with special diet foods. I have been on to various web sites and there is no mention of No sugar just that I must keep to a healthy diet and lose weight. I am not particularly overweight, maybe half a stone, and consider I already have a healthy diet, however I am partial to a little too much chocolate. I shall be going back to UK before Xmas so can pick up some information over there, but until then I am really confused as to what I should be eating and what I should be avoiding. Just wondered if anyone can give me some advice to point me in the right direction please. Any help would be most gratefully received.

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I am looking for trays to cook mince pies but not having much luck finding them in France...anyone know where I can get them/shop etc??? Or any catering stores that sell such items, including cutters etc for baking!! NO SILICONE!! Many Thanks

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has anyone got a nice recipe of paella that is a vege version? Never made it before without prawns and musscles etc..So not sure what i could use instead ?

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Has anyone seen these for sale in Brittany, if so where, please. I have seen them for sale in England but not over here.

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I would really like to find out the exact name of the fruit tree which grows wild in the hedgerows of Brittany.It has white rose like flowers in summer and I was told a long time ago by an old Breton lady that they eat it at Christmas when fruit is pulpy and it also makes excellent jam. The name sounds like Nefra.I think it's related to the quince or apple, , though fruit not like either.I'm sure there is a well informed Anglo Info- er out there who can tell me please?Many thanks.

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Can anyone tel me the telephone number of the Chines restaurant Dolphin or Blue Dolphin nr Confirama in St Brieuc? Many thanks

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Anyone seen any teasmaid in the shop for sale? Has anyone bought a soda stream here and had no problem in getting replacement gas and syrup? Would hate to buy one and find out can only use it once!

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Thought I would just post this as sometimes people want somewhere different to eat and I just love eating at these places. L'Hacienda, as the name implies Mexicain restaurant at 33 rue des douves in Redon. Lovely food, both Mexician and English and run by a very nice friendly French/English couple. They will even do the steak with mushrooms, tomatoes and onion rings if you order when you book. Le Rosbif, Pub style Anglais at 22 rue du Calvaire, St Vincent sur Oust. Again lovely food, wide range, they do Fish & Chips on Friday nights, best to book, beautiful burghers, and some Sundays roast dinner. Run by a lovely English family, nothing too much trouble, they also have games evenings. Highly recommend both these places.

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Any idea where one can buy pecans? American Thanksgiving is coming up and I need them for a pecan pie.

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Have picked the last of our pears and now don't know the best way to store. I have frozen quite a few, but no more room in freezer just yet. Thanks.

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Well I found the CBJ autum Faye in Callac but I was too late as Karen & Eli had sold out but not to worry I will be early at La Chéze christmas Market on the15th Nov Pat

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If you were one of the nice people who came to the curry day could you please contact me, I've lost my paper with your contact details and so can't mail you the fact sheet that Rita has sent through. I haven't forgotten, just be going mad trying to remember where I left my head !!

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Over ordered in packs of four ,large Tins 3 euros per pack,area 29.

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Does anyone have or know of anyone selling turkeys ready for Christmas. Many thanks

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About to make my Xmas Cakes. Just need to use Plain Flour and just checking that this is OK. Thanks.

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Does anyone know of any restaurant in Finistere specializing in gibier? Our local restaurants are very good at fish and seafood but say that the tourists who keep them going just want that kind of thing. Unfortunately there aren't enough locals who want a nice civet or rable de lièvre. One owner in Audierne reckons there is a good one in Scrignac, but before we drive for 90 minutes each way i'd like to know if anyone can recommend anywhere. Fed up with fish- I caught 30 mackerel 4 pollack and 2 bass last week!

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As a U.K trained butcher i was wondering if anyone knows the regulations for me to produce and sell traditional brit products via say the summer market at Bon Repos or the likes (farmers markets). I already make sausage etc and am looking at pork pies, meat pies etc. The items i make at the moment are for "own consumption" but would love to make for those of us who feel the need but am unsure of the situation for this type of thing. I am not looking to "go big time" it`s just a pass time that perhaps i can use to ease the missed tastes of the local brits! Thoughts /Advice gratefully received !

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I've tried the French equivalent BRICK .. but it is definitely not the same ! Have you found Filo Pastry anywhere? I Googled and found a website www.mayrig.com and they sell Greek stuff also like Vine Leaves by mail order. Waiting to hear if they accept other cards for payment other than Bank Populaire. You can have a look and see what you think. With lateral thinking I suppose we would find filo pastry in Asian, Oriental, Greek or Turkish shops. Whilst writing I have looked for the new Freezer Shop in Pontivy. I thought it was near MacDonalds but haven't been able to find it. Please could I have the name and location. I'll give them a call and see if they stock Filo Pastry. It is such a versatile product and great if you are counting calories !!

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I have recently found a very good cure for bacon, and I would now like to try smoking the bacon. Has anyone seen a small smoker for sale in any store in Brittany? It doesn't have to be very big. Or perhaps someone out there has one for sale.Thanks.

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