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Hi, can anyone tell me if it is possible to buy icing sugar in france and if so what is it called? thanks

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Does anyone know this variety of pear? Our tree has just produced its first crop and I don't know whether it is a dessert or cooking variety. I haven't been able to find anything helpful by googling. They are very hard but come off the tree easily so I assume they are ready.

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Does anybody know where i can order a turkey for Xmas, thanks

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Hi, we are spending time in Callac, at Christmas, can anyon e recommend the best Supermarket for stocking up our gite. We noticed how expensive meat was when we were in Normandy 6 months ago, is their a Aldi or Lidl around Callac or Guingamp. ps..............are we allowed to bring meat over from the UK............ thanks for your time ................

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I intended having a trip over to UK for Chrissy stuff, paper cards ornaments etc - still a special time for me. Surprise, surprise, went the the Le Petite Shop in St Seve for my usual monthly fix of UK tea, pies marmalade, beans and mushy peas, and found the place loaded with everything that I want for Christmas. They have expanded their shop and it is now full of Christmas goodies as well as their low price food with even more arriving next week. They have tons of decorations and cards – the cards start at just 25 cents each and they also have packs of 25 cards for just 1.99 euro. These are the cheapest I have seen anywhere. Well worth a visit – you can get more info on their website at www.lepetitshop.net Just thought I should let everyone know as they deserve to do well and their prices are well below others I have seen. I am just a customer – not anything to do with the shop. Anyone wanting further info or directions please feel free to email me

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One the recommendation of a number of people on this forum I visited the english run coffee bar in Dinan yesterday with a friend. First of all it was really buzzing at lunchtime with a mixture of local French people and tourists. I had their new menu du jour which was a lovely homemade gratinee accompanied by a nice glass of wine and followed by a great - again homemade apple gateau. My friend was torn between the soup of the day but settled for a toasted blue cheese and bacon sandwich and a bottle of local cidre. She then squeezed in a large piece of chocolate cake and cream. And at 20 euros for the two of us it was also great value for money. The owner and his daughter are great hosts and a fountain of local knowledge They also had loads of Xmas goodies such as hampers, large tins of chocolates and I understand that mincemeat and Xmas puddings will be in shortly. Having lived here for two years it is really refreshing to find such a nice place and I know I will be settling in regularly during the winter in their nice comfortable upstairs salon with mes amis!!

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As alot of you know there is a Fayre on in the Callac market place (salle de fete) this Sunday. Lets hope many of you will support it.Plus, the Rendezvous will be opening earlier at 10 am in the morning for coffee,teas an breakfasts (the breakfasts are the best we have had in Brittany ), then from 12.30 onwards they are doing roast beef and chicken lunches throughout the afternoon.So, you can have a whole afternoon (or even day) out and forget about the grey weather Plus good food and on the Sunday evening the Rendezvous also have a fun darts evening.I am just a punter supporting my local and town.

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Do you get breakfast included if you book a cabin on an overnight xing with BF if you are not in their property owner club?

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Hi My husband and myself will be across there for 2 weeks late November to visit our new Maison Secondaire (hopefully permanent in a few years). We are in the Mur de Bretagne area. While we are over we will be celebrating our silver wedding anniversary and i am trying to arrange a nice suprise meal for him in a restaurant not too far away, preferably a night time meal but otherwise it would have to be lunch. I am unsure with never travelling across at this time of the year which restaurants will be open at that time of year (are they seaonal). Looking back at your comments over the years i know a few have said that the Auberge de Guerledan in Caurel does nice meals but is it open? If any of you can reccomend anywhere else this time of the year that does a nice meal (unfortunatly fish isnt is favourite food, unless its in batter, give him a nice steak any day.) I would be grateful for any ideas, it dosent have to be a posh place just a nice restaurant/bar serving reasonable food at reasonable prices with nice hosts. Many thanks for your ideas. We are so looking forward to being over there again! Anng

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Hi can anyone tell me what to do with walnuts?(A leading question lol) I have a load, but not sure how to progress with them what do I do next. I presume they have to dry out but for how long? Any info would be a great help.Kind regards

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A big thankyou to Adrian at Le Petit Moulin Rouge, Seglien , Highly recommended for value We have had friends over visiting and he has gone above and beyond to give us a great traditional friendly service on our meals ,Nothing is to much trouble for his clients , The extra effort is appreciated , Good luck and ThanksIan Torode and friends

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Does anyone know why it is impossible to buy lambs hearts here - craving for stuffed lambs hearts, roast potatoes, thick gravy - Yum... but can't get the essential ingredient. Pig's hearts and Veal Hearts are just not the same.... Does anyone know if and where you can get these. Best wishes. Babs H.

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Does anyone know if Richard & Karen (poppies) are selling sausages at CBJs fayre in Callac on Sunday Pat

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Does anyone know if Richard & Karen (poppies) are selling sausages at the CBJ faye on Sunday?

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Blow me down. This is the first time I have seen English food on offer at Lidl. It is their weekly offers and starts on Monday 12th October. Go to www.lidl.fr and look at the offers. Yup. Fish & Chips, 'Branston Pickle' (but different name), Cheddar Cheese, Baked Beans ! Better go really early as they are bound to sell out !!!!

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Hi does anybody know where i can find venison for sale? I live in 56.On another note does anybody have any recipes for sausage meat and brine for making bacon.Thanks

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Hi All, Does anyone know where the cheese factory is in glomel and if they are open to the public or have open days? An address or web link would be great if possible please! Many thanks, C.L.

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Anyone know of a company that will send Indian Spices or mixes/sauces to France?? I tried a curry last year made with spices ordered over the internet, it was really nice, but cant recall the name of the company. I thought with the colder nights drawing, I'd get my curry book out and have a go!!

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I have been picking field mushrooms, they look lovely but feel I should be sure before I poison the family. I read somewhere that you can take them to any pharmacie for inspection. Is this still so? Do they charge for the service? be interested to hear...many thanks.

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As I was driving through Le Faouet today, I noticed a new restaurant in the town opposite the market hall. Has anyone tried it ???

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