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Hi all,weve been over to Seglien today to Plaisir, the british food shop there. Its lovely, really well laid out and some nice specialist products as well as everyday stuff. We came out with Linda Mac sausages, choc orange, cottage cheese and all sorts of other goodies. They also have a lovely little cafe and will be getting xmas stuff in soon, and they do really nice hampers for delivery.When we got here 4 years ago there seemed to be loads of these shops, many now have closed but hopefully Plaisir will be there as a permanent fixture, they have got it just right and bound to appeal to the French too with there well chosen stock.A good place to go if you want to treat yourself to things you miss from home...most of the range seemed to be stuff I had not seen in the local intermarches, particularly vegetarian items, and the prices were very reasonable too.

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Could anyone that has eaten in a restaurant in Rostrennen give us a recommendation? Looking for pehaps a buffet eat as much as you like kind of thing. Its a restaurant for weekend lunch. Thankyou

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Does anybody know of any english resturants that are doing a christmas dinner. The week leading up to christmas. We are in dep22 nr Callac

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I've just phoned. This excellent Chinese restaurant in Pontivy is open and business is as usual. I have been right all along. If you don't believe me then phone 02 97 28 98 88 !!!! They are open every day for lunch and dinner ! Goodness me .... a lot of you got it really all wrong and if I was the owner of the restaurant I would be hopping mad about all the wrong publicity on this forum that the restaurant has closed and all the other nonsense written on here. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about everything ..... so if you didn't have a good meal there, then I'm sorry, but for the dozens of times I have been there with French and English friends, we have always found the food excellent value for 'eat as much as you like for eur.10.50. The only comment I would make is that if it is a serve yourself restaurant, it is always better to get there when it opens to get the full variety and hottest food ! See you there !!!!!

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Absolutely longing for sea trout, does anyone know what it is called here? Have been looking here there and everywhere, never seen any. Also would love to make some sloe gin for Christmas or for January or even February, in fact, come to think of it, the date is somewhat irrelevent but the problems is that I have no idea where I can get sloes. Can anyone help????? Thanks

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Went searching today ..... not found it. Only Canderal type sweeteners. In the UK you can buy half spoon sugar ... which is half sugar and half sweetner. I was wondering if anyone knew if the English shop in Seglian was still open? Anyone know if you can buy half spoon here? Thanks

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Really want to try making Quince Jelly (being adventurous !) and drying walnuts this year - does anyone know of anyone who has a glut of these ! live in area 56 and would be willing to travel for the right quantity - amazing what living in Brittany does to you - getting really domesticated in my later years !!! Thanks. B.H.

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can anyone recomend a recipe for pumpkin soup.

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Am just watching Masterchef and they're cooking deviled kidneys which has made me reaslise that I've never seen kidneys in 7 years of living here. Anyone here seen them? If so where, please

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Each year I have had appear in my paddock funghi which I suspected to be ceps. I thought they must be edible as I have had people pulling up in cars and picking them! Finally I have taken a couple to the pharmacie and he has confirmed that they are of 2 types - the "Cep de Bordeaux" and just "Ceps" and both are edible. The ordinary cep however was too large (about the size of saucer!!!) so apparently I need to catch them younger. My question is - is it possible to freeze or dry them at all and if so, the best way to do this? Would be interested to receive any recipes/cooking tips too. Any replies appreciated.

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Do you live within 20 miles of mauron and are overwelmed by the amount of walnuts you have this year.

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Had a nightmare trying to find mincemeat last year and it costs a fortune for one tiny jar, and I use a lot of it(dont often go back to england, so cant get it from there), so decided this year to make my own. So wondered if anyone had a really good mincemeat recipe they wouldnt mind sharing. Thanks

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does anyone know of any restaurants in Dinan that open at 6 pm, we have friends flying from Dinard at 10pm and would like to take them out for a meal first.

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Just been to Chez Winnie in caurel 22, and Sarah has got all the ingredients for christmas Cakes, marzipan ready roll icing, dried fruit etc, in fact she seemed to have a very good stock of everything in. Keep up the good work sarah!

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Has anybody else ordered groceries from these people ? I'm interested as I placed an order on 22nd July and still not received it. The website stated that ferry crossings were too expensive in August so they would make contact by e mail at end of August to deliver first week in September but I am still waiting to hear.I've e mailed them this evening but am beginning to feel very suspicious, I hope I'm wrong but this is a ridiculous amount of time to wait for a delivery. This is my first order and was encouraged to do so after reading other posters positive comments on AI.

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Hi does anyone know if and what date this is on please many thanks (Area35 near st brice but not to near).

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I was given as a gift, stay fresh for longer bags. I love salads and veggies but could never eat it all before it went limp or off. Thought I'd give them a go, but couldn't find them here in France. Thanks to my friend, the cucumber I bought 10 days ago is as fresh as when I bought it. Living with a non salad and veggie eating husband, I can now buy without wasting the foods I love. They really do work. If anyone asks, What can I get you for Christmas? you know what to ask for. They can post them with the cards! Thought I'd share it as I am amazed at the results!

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I have tried to find this topic but cannot as it seems the archives don't go back to 2007 - can anyone remember the recipe please - quantities of sel nitrate/milk etc to make the brine to soak the bellypork in to make bacon Thanks inadvance

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Does anybody know the opening times for saturday for the fish and chip shop in Dinan, am going to the airport and fancy something tasty en route.ThanksAnnabell

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Does anyone know where I can get Golden Syrup in 29. Have tried the Intermarches in Huelgoat ,Chateauneuf du faou and Carhaix, but it seems they no longer sell it since they changed all the English food items. I can do without or find equivelant for most food items but need I need it for porridge and making parkin. thanks

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