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i recently ate in a restaurant in concarneau.the one i normally use.had the fish choucroute for a change.cod wrapped in salmon topped with sardines.lovely taste.but once i was down to the cod that hadnt been wrapped in the salmon i found 5 worms about an inch long.called the waitress over who said thats normal for this time of year and still charged the full price of the meal.so come monday i went to the chemist and said what i could possibly have eaten and she said too its quite normal and harmless once cooked.omg.i have been here for 10 years.never had this before or ever in my life.i buy fish often.has anybody else ever had this.fortunately i didnt chuck up over the table..........................thats what i call NORMAL

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Can I freeze chillis or do I dry them and if so --- how?

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Could anyone tell me whether I should 'line' the silicone 'tin' with parchment paper as is required for the traditional metal cake tins? Thanks in advance

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Went to the Chicken Shack last night for a takeaway fish and Chips, and was very impressed, and whilst there my husband also decided he would have to try the Southern Fried Chicken and it was very finger licking good!! well worth a visit.

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I had a friend who used to do something with walnuts, where they were sugared, or salted/roasted. I can't actually remember but they were delicious and she always kept a jar of them.As I have plenty of walnuts, I wonder what other people do with them. I have pickled them and still have jars, but would love some ideas now they are dropping off the tree

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I have been trying to contact the above restaurant by phone, but cannot get a response. Does anyone know if the restaurant is still open for business?

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Please can anyone help me i have decided to make country wines but do not know where to get pectic enzyme from or if it is really nes. to the making of blackberry wine and apple wine appreciate any help would be most welcome rose

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Just wanted to recommend a really good Indian restaurant in Quimper, I know that there are always Brits looking for a good curry but don't often see them recommended in this area. The waiter spotted we were English and not only was able to speak to us in English, but also asked us if we would like our food spicy, saying that the French are not so keen on it! (Can't think what the point of having a curry is if its not spicy - but each to their own!). All dishes were exactly the right amount of heat and utterly delicious, fresh ingredients and very tender meat. Its called The Mahraja and is on the main road next to the river, opposite Cafe des Arts. If you, like we are, are curry fanatics you won't be disappointed.

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Hi all when ever we have freinds come and visit we take them to Timothys Cake shop St Malo everyone we have taken including our godson and his wife, who is a cake eating expert says its the best they have ever tried we do to simply the best.

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I've just come back from Dinan with a friend where we tried out the new English run Cafe - it was on recommendation and can highly recommend it myself - so thought I'd do a quick posting on here for anyone wanting to try somewhere new... It's in the little pedestrian bit behind the Clock Tower (either just off the Rue Horloge or just behind the Place du Marche) - family run and very friendly doing light lunches (8.90 for a good coffee, Mozarella & Tomato/pepper tarte & Salad and a great slice of Bakewell), they do a range of coffees, teas and great cakes (including carrot cake and coffee cake!) - they're open every day Tuesday- Sunday... bon appetit! Miranda

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this is nice.put chicken drumsticks in a pan of water with two chicken stock cubes.bring to a simmer and leave simmer for 1/2 hour.drain and let cool.mix plain flour and any chicken spice mix(epicéa from carrefour at €1.00 or mix yourself).dip drumsticks in mix of melted butter and milk.roll in flour mix till covered.deep fryin hot oil 2 at a time until golden.eatthen make chicken soup with the liquid.

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Still learning from mistakes. This year planted 4 pepper plants in the polytunnel, what a glut they have produced, unless we eat copious amounts for breakfast, lunch and dinner we don't have a hope of shifting them. Can you freeze peppers? If so how? Thanks for any replies

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Making a Trafalgar Pie and I need good old Lard. Where abouts can I get this please and want is the french word for it. Many thanks.

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Has anyone any idea where i can get some Seville orances to make marmalade? We live in 22 near St Nicholas de Pelem.

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I have just had some sausages of Karen (Poppies) she now sells them from Le Fer A Cheval Bar in Paule email me for details

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Has anyone seen a Tajine (electric one or other) in any shop? it is always the same you see things and when you want one cant actually see one anywhere. Callac/Guingamp/Carhaix - thanks

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Its been a very good grape season this year I've found. Last year had none, i think there was something going around about no grapes last year, I certainly had none. What can I do with them. They are almost ripe, many of the individual grapes are. If this rain and cool weather continue, they will rot, so does anyone have any ideas ?

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anybody know where you can buy above at realistic price. even from farm etc. prices at all supermarkets i have tried is extortionate when you bear in mind how many chiken factorys there are in brittany let alone france!!!!!

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Anyone know or heard from this company? They were going to launch in May.

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We have had really good food in this newly opened, unpretentious, french owned place opposite the Marie in Plestin les Greves. A plat du jour and desert mid-day and evenings. This Fri its morrocan tagine cous-cous. Its called La Tour de Pizz's, open every day except Wednesdays. We found it quite by accident when all else was closed or 'no food this late!', and had fantastic moules frittes and endless sauce which just kept arriving. The family are so friendly, wife doing all the cooking, they really deserve to succeed. I wish to emphasis I am unconnected to this establishment. Just wanted to let anyone know. Their tel is 0296 54 12 36.

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