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Hi We have my 93 year old father staying with us at the moment and - being a creature of habit - Friday is declared "Fish and chip" day. Would appreciate any recommendations for a good place for fish and chips we could take him to this evening. We are in 22, not far from Gouarec. Thanks in anticipation.

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Or did I see a post on here this morning about someone who does birthday cakes?? Rushed off shopping, came back and have spent a frustrating 20 minutes searching for it! Please someone tell me I did imagine the whole thing!!!

started by: Steve & Emma-387518 · last update: 1253194626 · posted: 1251704492

If you are looking for some good quality fruit & vegetables , jams chutneys etc, then why not give the smallholders market in Laurenen a try this Saturday 5th September? Lots of lovely home produced goods, and a nice place for a cuppa and a chat too!

started by: TAR-397034 · last update: 1253183970 · posted: 1253141358

Hi, Has anybody recently bought a "Novelty Children's Birthday Cake" in France? I need one for my friends son's 8th birthday next week. I bought one two years ago from E.Leclerc but haven't seen them since. Any help or information most appreciated. Thanks Tracey 56

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Hi all you jam makers out there. I have found a receipe for the above and they say that I need 2 quarts crushed elderberries. I am not sure now in metric or lbs what a quart measurement is. Any ideas!!! Many thanks.

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We have heard there is a very good buffet volante Chinese in Brest, and fancy doing our best to put the place out of business this weekend (only joking). Can anyone kindly let me know the name and approx location of a recommended help-yourself lunchtime Chinese in Brest? Thanks in anticipation...

started by: Pat Emma · last update: 1252964143 · posted: 1252772223

Does anyone know if Richard ( Poppies ) will be doing his turkey's & sausages this Xmas as the last 2 years they have been fantastic Pat

started by: thoma-413534 · last update: 1252955657 · posted: 1252405082

Would anyone be able to recommend a restaurant that has a good seafood/crab and lobster menu. mainly crab though.We are situated near broons. We have'nt seen many places that serve crab and lobster? Or is it just a coastal thing?

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Does anyone have a recipe for peach wine? Got a good crop this year, and have a recipe for apricot wine, but not peach, and just wonder if perhaps peaches go too mushy.

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Hello - Can anybody help with advice/equipment so that I can use a load of apples from my orchard that I simply don't want to go to waste. I'm a novice so any advice would be useful but I want to press the juice out of 'em for, well apple juice. OR cider (but at the moment that might be a step too far, I dunno). All coments welcome. Mrmoustoir

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Any good recipes or serving suggestions for salted fish .. sold ready salted .. bought some today & stuck for ideas ?Thanks in advance Maria

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Hi do any of you happen to know if the shop in Moncontour is open in the afternoons? Today for example? I don't want to have to download something off their website just to find out they may or maynot be open. Why can"t they just put the opening times on their home page! Perhaps it should have been called the basket case instead?

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Hi,can anyone tell us can you buy sausage meat at any of the supermarkets over here? Not really after an English shop that sells it but rather, if possible, the french equivalent if there is one freely available. I hope someone can help, many thanks,AJ Plemet 22

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We have a large Bush / Hedge with hundreds of Kiwi Fruit on it but not sure as to when fruit can be picked , do you wait until fruit begins to turn brown or becomes soft , at the moment are correct size green and very hard any advice would be appreciated

started by: brittany4ever · last update: 1252433512 · posted: 1252326223

Good morning. I live near Corlay Region 22 and would love to find someone that is near me within a 5 mile radius that I could drive to to purchase the above. I know you can get them in the supermarkets and they are good but would still like to see the chickens running around and to buy them that way. Is there anyone out there that could help me. Many thanks in anticipation.

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Would you like to know how to make proper Indian food?  Or do you know already, and would like to share your skills? I am hoping to start a Curry Club whereby those who want to learn how to cook Indian cuisine can, and those wanting to share their knowledge can.  Also, if you wish to obtain ‘Authentic’ Indian spices for your dishes, I can help.  The first few demonstrations will be given at our cottage just outside Silfiac, dept 56. Contact me at galatians47@hotmail.com or ring

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I Have a surplus of goats milk I use this for making cheese.It is frozen so you can us it when you want. 80 centimes a Litre La Trinite Porhoet 56 0677542917

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Hi - I am about to try making pickle for the first time and need mustard seeds and ground allspice. Does anyone know iwhere I might find mustard seeds? (Are they called graines de moutarde or are they called something else?) Also how do I mix ground allspice, or have you seen it for sale anywhere here (around Loudeac/Plemet area)?

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If anyone had taken the trouble to phone this excellent Chinese Restaurant in Pontivy (02 97 28 98 88) they would have found out that they are trading as normal. Just goes to show what a lot of mutterings can do. TG someone had the sense to give them a call ! The food is great for the money. I have been there loads of times with many friends and EVERYONE thought it was great ! They are open every day and evening. If in doubt .... well, just phone !!! Le Lys Imperial ... Route de Lorient 56300 Pontivy

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Please does anyone here know when in September toshopinengland are planning to deliver I have repeatedly emailed them but have had no replies

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