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I am searching for a butcher who can do english cuts of beef for us. Any info greatly appreciated.

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Thought I'd share this delicious Italian dish with you all 1 large onion chopped 3 cloves of garlic chopped 1 pkt of lardons fumé 1 tin of tomatoes chopped good pinch of cayenne pepper good glug of dry white wine small tub of creme fraiche handful of chopped fresh parsley season with pepper 1 Tbs tomatoe puree fry onion & garlic in some oil ( about 1 tbs ) until soft, then add cayenne pepper and lardons, when lardons are slightly browned add the wine and reduce. then add tomatoes, tomatoe puree and creme fraiche, cook for about 15 mins to reduce and thicken, then add parsley & seasoning serve with freshly cooked spaghetti or tagliatelli Bon appetite !!

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Could some-one give me the phone number of this restaurant please. I dont have the phone book for that area, many thanks in advance.

started by: Paul Saxby · last update: 1251916338 · posted: 1251876772

Hi I have lived over here for about 6 years and one of the only things I miss, is a really good Steak. Doe's anyone know where I might get one, it would also be good if it was in plesent surroundings.

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Dear AI we have been invited to french Friends 40th birthday bash in a few weeks, now this guy is pretty well off, and I know he has a passion for quality Armangnac. My questions are, is my spelling of Armangnac correct, also not being an expert what do I look for in respect of quality, and where do I need to go to buy a good one. I usually but Lidl cheapo wine or sometimes Mutant so thats the quality of my pallet as you can see I need help Thank you Chris

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I fancy making some sloe gin and have noticed a bush full of them. I want to know when to pick them as if I leave it too late someone else will grab them all. Any ideas please? It makes a good Christmas present.

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Can someone tell me where this shop is situated and if possible its opening hours?

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Hey, we have a load of beetroot and I am at a loss as to what to do with it all! I want to try and make a chutney with it- has anyone ever tried this/got a good recipe? Can i just preserve it in old jam jars?I am new to the whole gardening world. and I miss chutney...

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Hi, Know this is probably a 'long shot' but does anyone out there have recipe for windfall marmalade published in Central Brittany Journal, about this time, about 3 or 4 years ago. I remember it involved windfall apples and a couple of grapefruit. Also involved boiling up, in a bag, all the apple cores etc. Was quite a time consuming process but it made very yummy marmalade and I do now have the time! Could mail CBJ but they would not be able to reprint it till October edition and I could really do with it now. Would be grateful if the person who submitted the recipe or anyone else who has it would put it on here as im sure others would appreciate it. If not if you have similar it would be much appreciated. Have processed the plums, tomatoes and blackberries and now need to move on to apples!! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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I am trying to create french bread over here in the UK, up to now have made loaves that you could use as bricks.some are ediable, I have tried French Flour and yeast brought back from Brittany, tried the water in the bottom of the oven, any help out there so I can get the authentic tasting loaf, or am I going to have to wait till we move over there and just buy it from the bakers every day.

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I have a glut of pears that have all ripened together. Don't want to buy expensive kilner jars. Any recipes out there please. Can I freeze them after cooking?Many thanks

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Hi, we have family over and I was going to take them to the Buffet Chinese in Pontivy but a friend of mine told me yesterday that she thinks its closed - up for sale! Does anyone know for deffinate if it is open, or failing that, anyone have the phone number. Thanks

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Hi all. I Have loads of Courgettes,Marrows,Runner Beans and Broad beans. If anyone wants some you are very welcome. Area 22 Loudeac

started by: Les Boxeurs · last update: 1251487943 · posted: 1251460765

Hi I have been given some chard by my neighbour, something I have never eaten before. I understand that it can be steamed, but would appreciate any other ideas on what to do with it. As there is quite a lot, I was also wondering if it could be frozen succesfully or how long it keeps? Just hope I like it!

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Hello;Does anyone have any idea where I could find coconut oil - to cook with? Tried the supermarkets, not got.We're near Josselin. Thank you.

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I've had a bottle of Lait Ribot left by guests. Probably bought by mistake!! Not wishing to waste it - Anyone know any recipes ? Cakes would be good

started by: allan smith 2 · last update: 1251279545 · posted: 1251238796

i know its a personal taste thing, but can anyone reccomend a good dry to medium dry white at around 3 euros a bottle, have no problems finding the reds but whites are either too acidic or too chemically if you get what i mean, any advice would be gratefully recieved as i need to buy a large amount in the next week and would obviously like to try it out first

started by: Babs Hartley · last update: 1251027748 · posted: 1251027748

To all those kind people who answered my request - found what I was looking for in the Bio Co-op in Ploermel - now to tackle my giant marrows !!!! Thanks a lot. Babs H.

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Anyone know how much it would cost to buy half a lamb already butchered?

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A friend sent me a link to a new UK based company that delivers to France for a very reasonable rate, felt I should share it on here;http://www.thebritbox.co.uk/default.html

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