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Could some kind soul give me the telephone number of this new restaurant in Huelgoat. I believe it called Jardin .............? also, is it in the road to your left as you approach Huelgoat facing the lake. Oppostie the exit from the one-way system. thanks in advance.

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Would anyone happen to have a traditional recipe for blending up these spices? I have looked about and found a couple,but if anyone has actually done their own i might be more likely to find one that has the taste of shop bought ones?

started by: Babs Hartley · last update: 1250432310 · posted: 1250422675

Has anyone any idea where I can get glace ginger ? I have a glut of marrows, and would like to have a go at marrow and ginger jam - any ideas ? I live in area 56 Guilliers - so would be interested in reachable places. Best wishes. Babs H.

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Has anyone been there and what's your view of it?? I understand it opened earlier this year but never got the chance to go myself. Is it like an Iceland in UK and what do you think of the prices?? After last years price of veg I started to buy frozen veg as it worked out cheaper for just the two of us!! Also is there anything anyone has bought and really liked??

started by: TheCapedCruiser-407781 · last update: 1250354366 · posted: 1249735849

Just returned from weekend shopping at the excellent Intermarche supermarket in Plaintel, where I fell into conversation with very nice buyer/supervisor. She instituted a section for English foods 2 months ago - good selection of basic British staples, including English teabags, Marmite, Colman's mustards, Branston pickle, Hellman's mayonnaise, Heinz beans, jams & marmalades, Oxo cubes, biscuits, etc. etc. She tells me she's really disappointed with the take-up, and unless sales improve, they'll give up on the idea at the end of the year. Personally, Marmite's the only attraction, otherwise I prefer to buy French food - discovering & investigating the unfamiliar is all part of the enjoyment of living here - but at least they've made the effort, even putting a suggestions board for English customers in the shop foyer, and it seems a shame that people haven't responded ... she tells me she's planning to advertise it elsewhere on this site ... so, use it or you'll lose it. No point in Anglo-grumbling when our hosts take the trouble to offer what some of us say we want ...

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Any bakers out there know where I find cocoa in the shops area 56. Thanks

started by: yorkshirepuds-409278 · last update: 1250337626 · posted: 1250189577

I have just made a large pan of home made Mango Chutney and it is delicious. Instead of sending seperate e-mails with the recipe, i will put it on here. 1) Bring 3/4 pint of vinegar and 1Ib of sugar to the boil in a large pan stirring all the time. 2) Gradually add 2 Ib 4oz of cubed mango stirring to coat the mixture. 3)Add 2 tsp fresh ginger, finally chopped, 2 tsp fresh garlic, crushed, 2 tsp chilli powder, cinnamon stick, 2 3/4 oz raisins, 3 1/2 oz dates ( stoned), 2 tsp salt and bring to the boil again, stirring occasionally, reduce the heat and cook for about 1 hour or until the mixture thickens. Remove from the heat and allow to cool. 4) Remove the cinnamon stick and discard. 5)Spoon the chutney into clean, dry jars and cover tightly with lids. Leave in a cool place for the flavours to develop. I usually leave it about 2 weeks before trying the first jar. I make home made chicken korma and naan breads too. So much better than bought stuff and healthier too. Only thing i havn't made is poppadums, usually get visitors to bring them out. Try the chutney, it is lovely and well worth the effort.

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I'm trying to track down a lady near Dinan (think her name is Lisa) that makes speciaility cakes, I have her e-mail but getting no response - she could be on holiday. Does anyone know her phone number please?Many thanks

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We are planning a party at the end of August and would like to do a hog roast but don't know anyone that does it. I have done a search on AngloINFO but no-one seems to have come up with a name. Can anyone help or give us a lead, please ? We are close to Dinan - area 22.

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Hi everyone, we were out last night with some friends and one of them mentioned that they heard that there was a farm type shop opening near La Cheze that will be selling british food products, but they weren't sure exactly were it was - has anyone else heard of this, as if this is correct it will be very handy for us ?Thanks

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Hi everyone, went to a restaurant in Moncontour the other night. Had to wait nearly an hour for a rubbish meal which was inedible ! Our complaint fell on stony ground and we were literally laughed out of the restaurant. We paid because we are in France and that is what you do here, and complain afterwards, it seems. However, I know not who to complain to ! Can anyone help please ? Jacqui

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Could anyone please tell me where to buy synthetic sausage skins?

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Could somebody give me the web site for the person who supplies and delivers UK food to france please.

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Any ideas other than pickles for using up green toms? falling off before the sun comes back!

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hello does anyone have the telephone number for cafe de la place in callac??????????????,

started by: michaelangelo-395396 · last update: 1249684056 · posted: 1249684056

Anybody near Redon {35 ) know where you can find rennet for cheesemaking -----please indicate supermarche and on which counter please and confirm its labelled rennin!!! Thanks in advance!!! Michaelangelo.

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Does anyone have any empty Bon Maman type jars - I'm having a mammoth jam making session next week and could do with some more. Thanks. Nr St Nicolas du Pelem, 22480

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If anyone wants some perpetual spinach and live near LOUDEAC you are very welcome to have some

started by: Mad Suzie · last update: 1249234524 · posted: 1249233304

We are snowed under with courgettes. If anyone living in or around Loudeac would like some, please let me know.

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I have a large fig tree in my garden which is abosolutely laden with figs. Unfortunately I dont know what to do with them. They are the white variety and I really only eat the brown turkey ones. Any ideas anyone, I am off to the u.k. for a few days tomorrow and am hoping they will still be good when I get back.

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