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Hi All Have visited the Aisain supermarket in Rennes today and it was padlocked shut!! Does anyone know why? There was a sign posted on the front door, but the entry gates were locked and we could not get close enough to read it. Does anyone have any info please?

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We of LACEF are holding a Gala event on Saturday 8th August at Guegon 56120 ( 7kms Josselin). We are are offering all budding gardeners, producers of home made preserves, and those of you with green fingers to have a free stall at this event, where you can sell your wares or barter with others. If this is of interest to you please see our classified advert here on Anglo Info or www.lacef.fr news page. This will be a fun day out for all the family Hope to see you there Carole

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Please help, where can you get bread suitble for coaliacs in area 22? As the bread from the UK, does not last long after travelling.

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I am looking for a reciepe for making creme de cassis, does anybody have one?

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Does anyone know what would be a reasonable amount per kilo to expect to pay for half a lamb?Cheers

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I used to enjoy making my own beers and the occasional concoction such as blackberry wine whilst in the UK. Can one obtain the ingredients (kits) in Brittany ? The local Virt sells allsorts of equipment for brewing and bottling etc, but not the ingredients to do so. Lost in France

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does anyone know if this restaurant is open on saturday nights for dinner, if anyone has the phone number that would be great. its in moncontour.jlw

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Hi there Does anybody know where to buy Home Brew stuff from. I need a brewing barrel/bucket or two and also some demi-johns and a few bits and bobs. Dept. 29 between Carhaix/Huelgoat CheersAnd you wonder why I smile a lot !!

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i am really keen to cook rabbit the way we did years ago. where is the best place to buy good fresh rabbit.jlw

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Hello all!! I am considering moving to Brittany in the near future and I've been gathering lots of information about housing and food and life in general. The one thing that would be most important to me is being able to make my own beer and wine. Are there any homebrew clubs there? How bout shops that sell supplies for brewing your own?? Or is the local wine so good and inexpensive that it just doesn't make sense to make your own??

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