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Can anyone  in the Chateauneuf du Faou area if the Ty Lae restaurant are on holiday or not. I have tried for three days to reserve a table when they are shut and when they are supposedly open and each time I get an unavailable message? Thanks

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I am trying to find out a supermarket which offers home delivery to St Vran (nr Merdrignac). Would anyone know which supermarket which offers home delivery (the local Merdrignac Super U only offers collection from store). Thank you.

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Has anyone been to the Auberge at Caurel for lunch? Is it any good? What can we expect regarding starters , main, drinks etc?Thanksjohne

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Hi,Does anyone know if the restaurant is still open as I'm having trouble finding any info later than 2014. We'll be staying near by and would like to give it a try.Thanks

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Hi can anyone tell me if there are any restaurants open, tomorrow 1st May, in Morlaix or near. Thanks

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We have guests coming for our gite in June and they would like to go on an accompanied foraging course - ideally central Brittany but I guess could be at the coast instead.  Does anyone know of any individuals or organisations that organise such trips and at that time of year (bit early for mushrooms?).Thanks in advance

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Does anyone know of anyone who sells Bacon and Pork Pies in the Bretagne area. We are really missing them.Thanking you in anticipation.

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Hi Have visitors who are vegan / vegetarian; any suggestions for places to eat.... dinan area?  thanks

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hello everyone i am organising a wedding in 2019 and i am currently looking for an experienced chef capable of cooking a carvery for such an event . i am in the broons area.

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Does anyone know where you can get some goats milk around 53350 area .

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Does anyone know what "menu ch'ti " means?

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A couple of weeks ago someone put a query in the Classified section asking about Comte Tolosan wine.I did email a reply but haven't had a response.Here it goes again for anyone interested. The wine pictured with the query would have come from Lidl. This was recalled due to glass fragments being discovered in some of the bottles.However Aldi stock the same wine, albeit with a different label. It costs 1.99€. Don't ask me what either taste like, as I'm TT!Happy Christmas to one and all.

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We are looking for a nice restaurant to celebrate a special occasion at lunch time on New Years Eve. Preferably a short drive from Ploerdut. Everywhere seems to be closed but open in the evening. Any suggestions?

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Hi has anyone seen Eggnog For sale in any shops.I know here it is called lait de poule. Yes I could make it but looking for a cheats way

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Seasons greetings fellow curry-heads, I am desperately looking for a constant supply of either curry leaves or better still a plant which I can nurture somewhere safe and warm throughout the year.. Like the gold-dust it is. I can find no substitute for this unique leaf... and I will never create a proper Vindaloo without it... Though I have tried. I have tried the place in Rennes (Belle Asie) but they are a chinese supermarket so in fact they hadn't even heard of curry leaves.... Though I did find my Tamarind there. Short of a trip to the Indian quarter in Paris, does anybody have such a plant they want to sell me? Merci d'avance Arealgent,  (Somewhere between Mauron and Meneac)

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Hi everyone, My partner and I are looking to get married summer 2017. We are planning to have the reception in our local village hall (Plourhan) and need to find a caterer. Does anyone have any good recommendations, please. The caterer I was hoping for is already booked up and I fear I may be a bit late in organising a good one! Also, if anyone has any tips on what to look out for when booking a caterer and how much to expect to spend per head for a wedding breakfast I would appreciate it.I'd like to have a nod to the English (me) and French (my partner) connection in the meal so any suggestions on this front would be brilliant too.Thanks in anticipation. x

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Does anyone know of anywhere near to Pontivy where I could buy a Christmas pudding this week

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Just for info Thurs 17th beaujolais nouveau arrives Many Pubs including Ours, Rosbif St vincent putting on evening first glass and small buffet is free see you there

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