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hi does anyone know if there are any English shops still going in finistere ,cote d,amor,morbian

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Hi,Looking for some good fish and chips that are near to Quintin 22. Willing to travel 40 mins so, the likes of Rostrenen (Fleur de Bretagne) are all game and will try soon. Where else is there please?We're missing the bar at Saint Mayeux which was excellent.Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Does anyone know of any bars or restaurants offering English style Fish n Chips within the area of Morlaix - Guingamp, Lannion - Carhaix on a Saturday night?We've contacted Le Madison Bar at Scrignac, but their kitchen is closed on the date we want to go out.I've heard that there is one at Dinard, but that is too far.Thank you.

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Hi all I would like to tap into the font of all knowledge and ask f any one knows of or has used the Alambic municipal and is there one in the area of côtes d'armor many thanks 

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Hi folks,  I am looking for a local beekeeper who sells their honey anyone know of any please.  I live in the Silfiac area.  Thanks for any info.

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Can anyone recommend a good place to eat that does a Menu Ouvrir somewhere between Morlaix / Plougonven / Tregrom areas. Thanks.

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nks Ani for recipe.

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HiDoes anyone have a recipe for Gluten free waffles.Looked on line ,some you cant print others are not suitable.Would appreciate any answer.DB

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i was wondering if anyone knows if There is still in briec and if the still stock british things like bacon and sausages?if not does anyone know where i can find thèse things preferably in 29S?thank You in advance

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Looking for pub or restaurant owners near Mur de Bretagne who would kindly provide us with the use of a room for practice (recorders primarily) in exchange for coffee/food purchases.

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Is the petit zef in plumeliau closing? saw something on Facebook 

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Hi  hope this is of use to some of you vegetarians and vegans out there.  A company called A2B will be at the Angloinfo exhibition in November selling a wide range of these goods.  They are planning to expand their business into Brittany, which for people like me is great news. 

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hi does any body know the name of the Chinese restaurant on the big island in saint briac please

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 we are visiting  breton friends in Brittany and would like to take them out for dinner.Can anyone recommend a good restaurant for an evening meal somewhere near Carhaix/ Callac, Guingamp  ? Thanks, John.    

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I am picking my nephew up from Dinard tomorrow afternoon and wondered if anyone has an ideas of any eating places that might be open on a Sunday. I will have the car so it can be within driving distance. Perhaps Dinan. The challenge will be somewhere open on a Sunday.

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Does anyone know where it's possible to buy large live edible snails pl;ease.

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Hi Folks,Can someone kindly translate the following cuts of beef from French into English cuts?RosbifPlat de CoteBavetteJarret Avec OsBoeuf au JusMany thanks in advance!

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Next Sunday  7th August la cheze at the lake  first come first served !day out not to miss .

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