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Would you like to meet for a drink in the Ploermel area or 56 klms range, this sounds like the crude end of a dating program but its not would just like to meet up with some English speaking people for a quiet, fun, relaxed beer. I sound like 'Billy No Mates' but I do have a friend honestly, if I could only remember her name and where she lives :-)..... I expect I should leave my number, but I thought if someone fancied a 'Blind Date' or 'Blind Drink' (we must be careful not too spill it... ) post a date, time, pub and then ....... and then :-)   

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Is there an authentic Mexican restaurant in Vannes?

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Does anyone know of a restaurant by the coast  which serves good quality fruit de mer in areas such as, Benodet, Concarnau, Duarnenez etc. thanks

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Pub - Restaurant in Saint Vincent sur Oust

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We have found some vegetarian products in the Bio Coop in Carhaix but would really like to buy some Quorn products - has anybody seen anything for sale anywhere?

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6 months ago I posted an enquiry re the farm owned by the above couple.  A bit late on now but am still interested if anyone has any info pls.

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Would just like to recommend "Domaine de Priere", near Muzillac 56, it is in (v near) Billiers, on the left,  direction Pen Lann, from Billiers.  Excellant  veg, eggs, poultry, and pepiniere for plants trees etc, most grown/reared in house. Had one of their Guinea Fowl last night mummm. The place, a very impressive old Priory, is run as a charity, to help people who have problems coping, readjusting in various ways, some with mental health issues. The prices are very competative compared to our Super M!, the staff very friendly. An enterprise I think, worthy of support. And a nice day out, rounded off with a visit to the interesting port at Pen Lann.

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I would like to take my son out to lunch locally but I don't know of anywhere that does good food near to or in Broons. I don't want to go Dinan way as we will have already come 45 minutes in the opposite direction, any suggestions please?

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Having a 'significant' birthday do in Dinan in a few weeks. Does anyone know of a good central restaurant that could handle those numbers and offer a bespoke menu?Many thanks for any suggestions.

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Hello,  Just having a read for some bread ingredients, they mostly ask for  'strong white flour ' and 'dried yeast'.  What I would like to know is what is the number on the packaging I need to look for for the flour and the name for dried yeast?. I had a look this morning in my local shop but came away a bit unsure.  Merci  V X

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We have only passed this restaurant near Plounevez-Moedec about twice but the parking area has been full with lorries and vans (always a good sign I think!). So has anyone eaten there and if so what did you think of it? I assume they do a 'Menu Ouvrier' - do you know the price? We would like an idea of what to expect as we are considering trying it next week. Thanks in advance.

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Hello all,Does anyone know where I can buy Smoked Paprika?I've checked all of the super markets and my local markets too.Thanks

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anybody know a shop that stocks this stuff reasonably nr. Ploermel in 56.Super U were stocking it up to a few months ago but apparently there is no call for it.---CHEERS. Robinsons lemon barley

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Bonjour d'Angleterre,Having lived in Brittany for 5 years we are accustomed to having an apero (or two) and I usually stock up with about 8 bottles when we have a trip over. However,this year we aren't coming on holiday until September, and I'm down to the last bottle.I'm wondering if anyone is coming to Lancashire (Bolton area) and would very kindly bring some over for me please.Thank you and fingers crossed !

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A reminder of the April Ladies Coffee morning this Thursday. 10.30am at Bilhaut 56490 meneacGood as new Clothes and raffle items needed for charityPlease invite your french lady friends too

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I now have a few ducks who should be laying now.  However, I have no idea which are chicken and which (if any) are duck.  I know that some duck eggs are pale blue but I also have blue egg laying chickens so that doesn't help.If anyone can give me tips on what to look for I would be really grateful.

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I have read all sorts of messages on here today about the problem in Vannes and was wondering what Brit Expats think of it all. Is it spoiling your daily routine, are you in support of the farmers or are they trouble makers? I personally think enough is enough and this current French government must do something now with these large corporate organizations ripping people off! Big clothing companies have done this in the Fareast for years, paying their employees very small wages and making a huge mark up on the clothing. Thing is it is happening very close to home now. They talk about a new world order, wouldn’t be far wrong would they. I am for the farmers, viva la revolution, good luck to them I hope they get a good deal out of this, after all they work hard.

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Looking for a pub/ restaurant  within 30 minutes of Merdrignac 22 that does English Sunday lunch ideally fresh not frozen ingredients .

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Hi Guys. we are coming over at Easter to do some more work on our house we bought last year. We disembark the ferry at St Malo on Good Friday morning, will the shops be open that day or will they be closed? Not to sure how the french have their bank holidays and need to know what to bring for the first day food wise. Thanks in advance.

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