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Dawn at Gateaux j'adore has been recommended to me but there is nolonger a website for this - does anyone know if shes still trading and if so where to contact her.

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I know that some people, particularly ladies, feel a little bit shy about going into bars to get a coffee and would appreciate the atmosphere of a tearoom. One has opened recently in Dol de Bretagne. It's called Salon de Thé Aux Délices d'Amélie. It's at the top of the High Street, address 25, rue Lejamptel. It serves a large selection of teas and coffees and Amélie makes her own cakes and pastries. We went in today and she told us we were the first "Anglais" to have entered her establishment. 

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As of Wednesday the 4th of this month, France has become the first country in the world to enact a law which bans supermarkets from throwing away or destroying insold food. Instead, they will be required to donate it to charities and food banks. Well done France, nice one.

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Hi all.  We have six spare 'invitations for two persons' to this.  Normal entry is 6€ per person.  If you are already planning or would like to go maybe we can do a deal at 5€ a ticket (admits two)?  We will probably go on the Saturday (5th March) and get there around lunchtime.  It's a really good 'do' as there is lots of food and wine 'degustation' going on :).  More info here:- http://salondelagastronomie.fr/vannes-2016.  Our phone number is 02 97 33 52 56 or email

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Hi again folks, I live near Carhaix and I wondered if anyone knows where I can get fresh beansprouts [ as in chinese food ] ?.  Thanks  

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Anyone know where you can buy this ?  

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Hi is the lady that sells spices and Indian curry mixes , poppadoms etc at Huelgout market tomorrow? Thanks regards Sue 

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Just to say that the bar ' the corsaire' in plumiliau has now changed hands and has become the p'tit bistro. It is run by a nice french lady called sylvie who lives with a very good builder who advertises here on angloinfo. Sylvie is a very good hostess who has very little english,but offers a bar with an old french café as its theme. She is trying to attract the clientelle that are happy to go out and profit from the old french feeling,rather than a drunken crowd,though these are apparently welcome if they are respectful !!! There are a few nice old pieces of local antiques scattered ( nicely placed ) around the bar as decorations and always a nice bit of music coming from the stereo and a good choice of beers,wines and soft drinks. If I remember correctly she is closed sunday afternoons and mondays and for a couple of hours every afternoon from 14.30hrs. The bar takes me back to what the café culture was like when I first moved to france many years ago. Hopefully see you there one day. Love and light Jamie xx

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As per heading - it appears that E-Leclerc are the major target for farmers fury - 3 days now

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Does anyone use a dry fryer, am thinking of buying one, but thought I'd ask if anyone had experience of them and if they're any good of course!   Thanks

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I'm traveling from St Malo instead of Roscoff this month.  I love to drop into the WBS -  Red Bus Wine store near Roscoff but as yet have not found a store near to St Malo.   Do you know of a similar wine store near to the port of St Malo?  My family will be looking forward to their top up! Thank you.

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I don't work for the people doing the Curry Night nor The Bar Horizon - I just enjoy the food and the bar is my local - this Fri there is a Curry Night in The Bar Horizon Taupont from 7pm

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If we believe the hype "soup" is the new craze after juicing or smoothies. So, with winter apon us  I thought it would be interesting to find some new ideas for soup. ( not to mention that I have recently aquired a  "Vitamix" which will blend exerything to creamy lusciousness)  Yesterday I made a big pot of ratatouille and added a dollop of pesto from a jar, (just to add a different dimention to it). With hot crusty bread it was yummy. As I had made so much I decided to whizz the remainder up in my blender and it made one of the most amazing soups I have ever had. I was wondering what other ingredients had been successfully turned into soup. Please let us know.

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Some time ago we passed an Auberge near Huelgoat called MENEZ BRAZ and there were quite a few English and French cars in the car park (late lunch time). Anyway, I'm thinking of giving it a try on Sunday 14th Feb.  I would love to have you comments/advice on what it's like. I understand it may be better to email me than to risk putting it on here! Thanks in advance.

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Has anyone seen Seville oranges for sale in the Rostrenen - Carhaix area?  I'd like to make some thick-cut tangy marmalade.  I look forward to your helpful responses. 

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Does anyone know if it's possible to buy cottage cheese here, and if so where?   Thanks    

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Hi,  I am looking for the lady that used to sell british food.  I used to see her at the AIKB fairs and also on a Saturday at Loudeac market.  However I haven't seen her for a while.  Does anyone have her contact details please.

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Dear AI .. I know Choucroute is available here but I was wondering if anyone had seen Sauerkraut for sale in its natural form in the supermarkets .. Sorry about my spelling Thanks in Advance Chris

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Dawn, Paul. Thank you, the Old Spot was absolutely super. <happy eaters. 

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This is a nice restaurant in Guingamp next to the university UCO. There is a meal of the day and soup of the day with homemade cakes. They sell sandwiches and are even open for breakfast. Everything is well priced. They are very friendly and the owner is english. QG (HQ) is open from 7 till 5.  It is a nice To have a drink or afternoon tea.  Try it out see what you think :-)

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