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Looking for a reasonably priced good quality resturant open on a Thursday night near Merdrignac / Jossein area - any recommendations . Our usual one in Plemet is closed. Looking for somewhere that does three course set menus for around 15 euros ahead.

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Anyone any idea of the best supermarket to buy truffle oil and is it usually shelved with other oils?. Have tried 3 supermarkets with no luck. Thanks in advance.

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Does anyone know when the farm starts again with deliveries please.

started by: keith B55 · last update: 1452715835 · posted: 1452704352

anyone know of a good English shop in or near finistere

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Hi, I have been asked for some cheese to take back to the uk, but it's for vegetarians, I know I've seen on uk suprrmarket packs " suitable for vegetarians" , but I can't quite imagine french cheese producers worrying about it. So can you tell me what makes a vegetarian cheese, and does anyone know of any types suitable. Thanks if you can help. Divaling.

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I would just like to say that we visited this restaurant over the weekend and yet again we had a lovely meal. Luckily we had booked a table as they were full. Did feel like a fool when I complemented the waitress on her english to be told "I am english", I'd heard her laughing and joking with some clientele in French so assumed she was.  The main thing she told me as we left, as we took some business cards for our bites, was that if our guests would like to book a table but don't speak French was to leave a message in english as either her or her boss, who is French and speaks some english. Also if you need gluten free crepes let them know when you book and her boss would make up a special mix for you. Thought I'd pass that on. Oh one other thing, felt like a true blonde when I asked what PDT was. It's potatoes!

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Hi Folks,   I just love learning how to shop for groceries all over again since moving to France. I think I made my first major mistake, and I'm hoping someone can tell me what on earth I have purchased.... LOL   I went to the butcher's counter in E. Leclerc and asked for what I thought was natural sausage casings (Boyau de Sauicisse). He showed them to me before sealing them up in the meat bags, and I thought hmmmm... ok, must be they way they are prepared here.   When I took them out of the pouch at home, they are very salted (like salted cod) and about a metre long. The "meat" is white "shredded" but all in one continuous length.   What have I purchase???? It wasn't cheap either!!!

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My friends daughter is thinking about getting married in France , she is resident in uk and friend has holiday home here. If anyone has any useful info about how to go about this can they share please.

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next ladies coffee morning is Feb 4th 10.30 Mille fleurs cottage, bilhaut, 56490 meneac.  We are also raising money for a dog charity by selling good as new items and clothes.   contact annie by email annie.winch@orange.fr  

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Happy New Year to all I have forgotten to bring my coconut oil with me from the UK and as I willl be here for a few weeks was wondering if anyone knew where I could get some from. I am in the Josselin Ploermel area. Thank you.I

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I am looking for someone to make a decorated sponge cake for a special birthday at the end of January.  Does anyone know of someone who could do this within a reasonable distance of Rostrenen?  Many thanks.

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Anyone know where I can buy tinned Chickpeas "Pois Chiches) in French?

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Has anyone seen minced meat (for mince pies) in the shops in Loudeac please?

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We are going to Saint Malo for New Year, can anyone recommend any places to eat or a nice bar etc? We are staying in the walled city so anywhere within walking distance. Does anyone know if there are fireworks etc as I can not find any information online! 

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Has anyone seen frozen turkeys is the supermarket for sale as though we might change from Beef   Thank you

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hello all   been searching high and low for decafinated tea bags ,tried the usual eleclerc,intermarche ,Lidl no luck any one know of anywhere ? iam in the plonevez du faou area 29 cheers

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   Hi Does anyone out there know where I might be able to buy small cellophane bags - the type that you would usually use to package sweets or chocolates.  Usually order them on internet but have only just realised I haven't got enough.  I live in Callac so somewhere nearby would be helpful.  Thanx          

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Hi, sorry bit tedious but.................... I cant seem to get my potatoes to roast. and getting me frustrated I need recommendations for which type of potatoes you buy and from where. I have all the basics for temperatures, roughing up, sprinkling in this and that, done it for years I had an awful nasty oven whilst renovating, churned out perfect roast potatoes and now with this fan thing they are a disaster.!!! Merci

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Hi Are all the supermarkets open on 28 December Thank you Andre

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Does anyone know if Carrefour at St Brieuc is open on Christmas eve? I think there was a sign up last week to say it would be closed both 24/12 and 31/12 but maybe I just missed seeing that it closed early or the like? I'm pretty sure that it's always been open 24/12 before. Can't find anything on the website so...did I just imagine the notice on the door??! Also does anyone know if there will be markets at Lamballe and Dinan on 24/12 as Thuirsday is their usual market day? Judi

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