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What do you look for in the supermarkets to get double cream and whipping cream  does anyone know?

started by: rubydoo-397815 · last update: 1449666684 · posted: 1304327897

There will be a new Alcoholics Anonymous meeting commencing this Thurs at 6pm.It is situated 5 mins from Mur De Bretagne(22).Come along,make new friends with the same problem as you.E Mail me privately if you require more info.Hope to see you there,Regards Andy

started by: simonchelli · last update: 1449590704 · posted: 1442003928

Can anyone recomend where to eat within 25kms of  pontivy on christmas day please

started by: Fitter · last update: 1449182610 · posted: 1449063736

Would anybody know anywhere in Brittany that sells english-style pint beer mugs? Yes, I know they sell beer here in metric pints, I just fancy a proper pint glass.

started by: janes-394036 · last update: 1449166780 · posted: 1448719545

We normally go over to the UK every few weeks to see family but haven't been able to recently and are now running low on the UK groceries that we like. I think there are companies that will deliver here. Can someone tel me?  

started by: Iguana Rock · last update: 1449070559 · posted: 1448723326

Just in case anyone is interested.............we have just seen fresh whole turkeys in LIDL for €4,59 per kg. They are their 'Deluxe' range. The ones we saw were around €13-€14.

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my advert for this wed 2nd coffee morning is reading 'roof fee morning'. Joys of spell check and me not noticing! so all welcome to our Christmassy roof fee morning, raising money for liberte pour chien. Lots of cake, hot mince pies and mulled wine. Bring friends to join in with our Christmassy morning. 

started by: sunshinedays · last update: 1448804506 · posted: 1448721956

Hi, Can anybody tell me where in department 56 I can buy creme crue. I don't want anything less than 35% fat and don't want a substitute. Thanks.

started by: keith B55 · last update: 1448472793 · posted: 1448471670

Hi All  does anyone know where i can get a christmas pudding i live in the plonevez du faou area but i would travel to get one. cheers Keith

started by: rkvroberto · last update: 1448361238 · posted: 1448211689

Hi All. If I use a cash and carry in France to buy food etc for my business in the uk, what sort of ID do I need. Thank you

started by: baldys dad · last update: 1448120733 · posted: 1447960453

Can anyone tell me if the curry night is still on in Meneac Saturday night ?

started by: Breeze-906262 · last update: 1447920005 · posted: 1447899256

Please can someone tell me the address of the Fish Market in Cannes and which days it's on? I've heard it's very good and that there are some good fish restaurants nearby.

started by: John Rodney · last update: 1447857346 · posted: 1446858406

Anyone know where I can buy meringue mix powder? Have asked French friends, they look at me as if I am stupid and tell me,,,,,, out of an egg shell after removing the yoke!

started by: keith B55 · last update: 1447691730 · posted: 1447624014

Hi All        does anyone know if  its possible to buy Quorn products here in Brittany ,ive looked with no success or is there a french version.

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can anyone please suggest where I can buy these  I've tried the supermarkets but having no success Around Carhaix if possible Thanks in advance

started by: kellyorchard · last update: 1447457189 · posted: 1447425711

Hi Has anyone found cocoa powder in France?  The English section in the Intermarche doesnt seem to have it, nor the baking section? thanks in advance K

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Dear AI  I have several recipes that ask for Suet or shredded suet ... Can I buy this in France ??? ... Lost in the ingredients as ever ... Thanks Chris

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Hello, does anybody know of any organic suppliers (apples, potatoes, etc...) St Meen le Grand (35) / Merdrignac (22) area.Thank you for your kind help

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Next Friday  is our big Christmas cake making day for our charity here at St. Croix Animal Welfare,Josselin. We are looking for any contributions in the way of EGGS , FLOUR, BUTTER and SUGAR that you might have spare. Contact me Ann Bird on 0297739807 and we can arrange collection. Thank you so much

started by: sappyj · last update: 1446751284 · posted: 1446660871

After some of the above for my Xmas cakes along with ready to roll icing..have run out of both. Any help please??? Many thanks        

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