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I have been told that a French>English menu reader is now available as an App, a book and an eBook. Does anybody know about this?

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Hi all   Anybody know of a good wine distributor in the Loudeac area? I am trying to get hold of some La Patrie Cahors Malbec 2014 have seen it occasionally in Super U etc but it’s a bit hit or miss Just wondered if anyone knew if it was stocked permananetly somewhere as its great stuff!   Ta   Greengrass    

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Last week Royal Gala Apples were on offer in the Intermarche in Rostenen for 1.19 a kg. But when I checked my receipt later I noiced I was charged 1.99 a kg. At the weekend I bought some more and again they were marked as on offer at 1.19 but when the cashier put them through they came up as 1.99. Today they had gone up to 1.84 a kg and quess what I was still charged 1.99 a kg.  Unbelievable.

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Does anyone know of any english shops where I can buy Quorn?

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Dept 22 nr Rostrenen -looking to celebrate Thanksgiving. Any ideas folks?

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Have heard talk of there being a curry night at L'Horizon in Taupont next week. The when and time of it would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

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I was given a large bag of apples last week so set about looking for recipes. I came across this one and it is absolurely delicious. If you only make one apple dessert this year make this one: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/recipes/10388012/Signe-Johansens-Swedish-apple-and-almond-pudding.html   Bon appetit.  

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looking for a nice place for about 6 of us to eat at mid-day in Uzel in December. any recommendations?

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Are chickens in Brittany much more expensive than uk,I have heard much of the food items are cheaper but chicken is expensive

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Hi Folks, Is there a French equivalent?   Many thanks!

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Hello everyone.  Can you please let me know what the best/cheapest supermarkets are in France?  Much appreciated, thank you :-)

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Is there an outlet that sells bulk / discount quantities of groceries in Finisterre or Morbihan, better still Morlaix to Carhaix area? I don't mean like Costco UK. I have seen such outlets overseas that cater for retail suppliers or organisations that need to buy in bulk quantities.

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I've  received an email about processed meat----I think it's just spam!

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For anyone who cannot have lactose, or Gluten, Super-U Plemet, have a new section. All new products.

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I have just received a message from you Penny but AI deleted my post so I can't open it, could you email me please? donna.breen@hotmail.com   Thanks very much

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Why do so many younger French people eat with their knife and fork in the "wrong" hands? I only became aware of this when sitting opposite a left-handed friend at lunch and thinking how awkward it looked. Then I noticed most of the people in the restaurant who were under about 30 years old were doing the same. Has anyone else noted this curious phenomenon? Or are the "lefties" finally taking over the world?

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I am running a bit of a risk here - there are bound to people out there who will take issue with this post, but I'll take that risk, so here goes. Someone in France said to me many years ago - don't eat the middle section of a baguette (or similar) if offered, and only eat the ends. Why, I asked. He replied - well it depends on who bought it and where. If it was at the supermarket - probably no problem, but if the man of the house either walked or cycled to the local boulangerie to get the bread, it is highly likely the baguette will go under his left armpit to be carried home - either so he can steer his bike or if walking, to leave his right hand free to greet his friends and neighbours on the way back. I do now make a mental note of the number of times I see baguettes being carried this way - it's more frequent than I originally thought.

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Can anyone recommend an Indian restaurant in Rennes.   Thanks

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Just realised that I need currants and don't have any but have never seen in supermarket -- can anyone point me in right direction?

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Hi All Have decided to go totally traditional this year with Turkey etc but that means making a Christmas pudding for first time in years.  I like the Delia recipe but it calls for Barley Wine which I doubt I will get here.  Googled it and apparently strong German beer can be used as a substitute.  As I don't like beer and consequently know nothing about it can anyone suggest something that I could buy in Intermarche which would do the job? Stout is easy as I will just use Guinness. By the way it's an excellent recipe if anyone else fancies trying it.    

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