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Save your time andefforts by simply applying a delicately designed custom clothing patch to your jackets. They are extremely unique and can be easilyplaced onto any material or fabric. Find the best suitable ones foryour outerwear and include them accordingly. Make sure not to add something toobold to an already vibrant color this will make the overall look a little too much.A patch should be placed on a basic color where it can be enhanced. 

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Can anyone tell us what it is like to live in Huelgoat or surrounding area. It looks good on a passing visit. Thanks, Peter 

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KetoStrong  We should offer a goodguarantee. I feel pressured sometimes to use my Keto Strong more often than Iwant to. This is cutting edge. That's a part of life. That has had quite animpact.https://www.tripoto.com/trip/health-benefits-of-having-a-routine-new-update-2022-3abb09f414a9e2ffhttps://healthtipforyou.com/ 

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We live in the Guemene Sur Scorff area.   Looking for a good hairdresser (for male and female).  Any recommendations?!?

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Has anyone opened a Paypal account on Ebay? Is it safe? I'm always worried about putting my card details into anything like this so would be interested to hear from anyone who uses this on a regular basis or if there have been any problems etc.

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Does anyone know where I am able to get a digital passport photo, so that I can renew my UK passport on line.Thank you

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Does anyone know if Bob and Heather Dennison are still in Brittany.

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Non local. Did anyone else know that exists as I'd never noticed it before. Is it new? Does anyone read there? Karen

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Hi We often pass a restaurant when you turn right at the casino at Sable D'or les pins and follow the costal road several miles towards to Frehal. It is a white building on its own set back on the right hand side of the road with a dark green and white canopy (I think), there is also some outside seating available. If anyone has the slightest clue as to which restaurant I mean, the name of it would be much appreciated Thanks in advance

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Does anyone know if John from Huelgoat still live in Carnoet.

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Hello,   can any posters recommend a really good insurance company ,  Need to find one to replace the one i have ( NO GOOD).....i require  household insurance,/ contents, / and Car ,      Thank you, 

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I would like to arrange an internet connection to my property do I contact the internet provider first or do I need a line up and running first?If I need a line is there the equivalent of open reach in France and als who is the best provider.my house is in Antrainthanks for any helpGary

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I have recently taken delivery of a Shepheard's Hut.  Fabricated in the UK.  Cost £45,000.  Manufactory's  invoice shows it as an "Agricultural Item" .  I had to pay £9000.00 Import Duty/Tax before the Haulers would consider bringing it over on the Ferry.   My understand is Agricultural Items imported from the UK into France are exempt Import Duty/Tax and TVA?   If this is correct, I need to make a claim somehow to the French Authorities?!?  Any advice would be very gratefully received!!!!a 

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HiWe have a house in the commune of  Plonévez-du-Faou - though closer to Huelgoat.  We renovated it with the hope of retiring there in a few years, which now isn't going to be possible so we need to sell.I'm looking for advice on who to use.  Should we use a notaire or an agent immobilier.   I don't want to use one that deals with mainly the property of English people, but, although I speak some French, it's not good enough to deal with technical stuff.   So we would ideally like a traditionally french agent who has somebody who speaks English.  We'll be in France from the end of next week for a couple of weeks, and ideally would like to get it on the market then.Has anyone any ideas.Thanks in advance

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Good Evening  I am looking for someone who can supply some logs in Loyat (56800) near Ploermel. It is not urgent, but have lost my supplier and need to find someone who can help. Thanks in advanceGraham 

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Hello everybody!I am a twenty-three-year-old French girl doing a Master's degree in French as a foreign language at the university of Lyon 2. I have a fourty-page essay to write and as a lover of British culture i have chosen to research into the British community in France. I have prepared a questionnaire which i hope will help me get a better understanding of the expat phenomenon. So if cultural understanding is a topic close to your heart, please contact me at questionnaireforbritishexpats@gmail.com. Your contribution will make my resarch more representative. Thank you!

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Hi,Can anyone give me the  £ -> €   exchange rate for 2021 as quoted in The Connexion for March (now), my local Maison de Presse has sold out of the edition!Many thanksTony S

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Are there any masonic lodges in brittany area

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Hi I'm looking for a phone number or e-mail address for Webb's of Glomel - a B&B at 5, Place du Centre 22110 Glomel. I have looked every where for a contact number but no luck and need to contact them before booking a room through the agent they use. Thanks in advance

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I'm here with a cheeky request, but would any kind-hearted person out there be willing to let me use their BF discount code? I'm trying to take my kids back to the UK for a week as (due to Covid etc) they haven't seen their grandparents since 2018. Just priced up a trip and even with simple options, it's coming out at 800€, which would make it impossible. I'm fully aware this is a cheeky post, but I'm prepared to accept the embarrassment if it means I can get my boys over to see their grandparents.

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