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HI everyone. The wife and i have bought a barn in Brittany to renovate, i run a building company in the UK so have all the equipment in the UKI'd like to run my 1.5 digger over as have many days work on the land and in the barn, will i incur charges at customs even though its only going for a few weeks and being used on my property? nobody seems to have know poste Brexit

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Does anyone use E Bay France, if so I would be grateful for some advice on joining and using this service.  thank you

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Hello,   just got my interview through from prefecture about residence permit....HOWEVER ITS  75 kilometres away in rennes,  can i ask to change it ,  not sure if  theres a prefecture in ST MALO ?   i gave up driving , my age being 79.   ANY good people advisors welcome.   Thank you.  

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Does anyone have a English speaking phone number for enedis - in particular linky installation 

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Hello. I've only just been made aware of the new law now in effect banning new and replacement oil boilers in France.We have a holiday home heated by a now 20 year old Franco Belge boiler which is a non condensing boiler and has been problematic for a few years now. It really needs replacing. Additionally, when we are in the UK I occasionally run the boiler when it is cold to protect the house. It is not realistic to have to drain everything down when leaving France.I had planned to bring a new efficient boiler from the UK and install it. However, If oil is on the decline I guess the price could increase as oil heating is phased out.If new boilers are to be banned from 2022 there doesn't really appear to be a viable alternative. Pellet boilers are very expensive, can jam and the ash has to be emptied. You also have to have space for a huge hopper.Air and ground source would probably be too low temperature for old houses with a lack of insulation.Electricity would be expensive an necessitate the purchase of new heaters and a rewire and make existing pipework and radiators redundant.The only viable option I can see, given that people may not want or be able to spend thousands on holiday / second home heating systems, may be bio fuels. That may only require a new nozzle or burner on an existing boiler.I assume that if you are a non resident you will not qualify for a French government grant for any replacement.I wonder what others plan to do? Are there any viable alternatives to oil?Thank you. 

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hi everyoneMy husband and I are due to retire to France in July 2021 - just read the news on the BBC regarding UK residents travelling to France,  does anybody know if my husband and I will still be able to realise our dream of retiring to our home in France which we purchased 14 yrs ago

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H, can anyone recommend a roofer, I have a leak, someone did come out and try and fix it but leak continues, roofers seem to be a rare breed around here as I have contacted a few and no one has got back there me - Glomel 22110 

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Has anyone on the Forum renovated and is actually using an old bread oven? We have one in the piece of the house we are renovating for our kitchen. It won't take much to restore as it's in good order but I am worried that the kitchen will fill with smoke! I have been told that you don't get smoke because of the cave-like construction but, would like to hear of someone using one in a kitchen. Judi B

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Hi All, Looking for french lessons near Morlaix. Can anyone recommend someone or is anyone interested in language exchange? I'm a native english speaker and my husband a native spanish speaker. So can do both english / spanish language exchange if helpful. Will be moving there in July. Thanks. 

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I filled in a residency form ,  was sent an a attestation email and number , HOWEVER i noted an error in my name ( my fault) ..the email was a no-reply !  ...can i re-submit another corrected application ?    Thank you.

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We have had our second home in Taupont for more than 20 years and every year (pre-pandemic) members of our families have used the house as well as ourselves.  Can anyone advise on the arrangements post-Brexit please.  Do we need to get an attestation from the Mairie in advance of any visits? We've read that our family members will have to show this when then arrive in France as proof of somewhere to be staying.

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Replying to messages Appears to be impossible I have contacted the site but with no answer all I seem able to do is to add things to this discussion so I would like to answer the very kind people who replied. Every time I try to reply it sends me back in a circleI’ve re-entering my Mail address and password  asking me to verify and then back again. I am European not British although I have dual nationality so no worries with visas I converted to German because of Brexit. I am also 76 years old so I think Gordon’s message  is particularly relevant and I thank him for that. When you are so old you can’t afford to waste time and due to Covid we couldn’t come to look again. We have been looking in the area for about five years. It is of course all very Stressful as we moved from Portugal and sold our house there So now we have to get the furniture up. Thank you all for your replies and I hope to be able to work this site better in the future

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I Need a person to drive my campervan onto the ferry at Cherbourg ,, and then drive it off at the Uk side ,, I will pay their fee ...  so free crossing ! Anyone thinking of going back to blighty ? 

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I am buying a metal shed that needs constructing. My problem is that I am no good at following instructions, so I need the help, no, I need a person who enjoys such work to build it for me! There are about 30 pages of instructions. I am sure we can come to a mutually agreed fee for the work. I live between Malestroit and Ruffiac. Tel; 02 97 93 04 02

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Hi all, I have a Sekonda watch which I purchased in the UK over two years ago as a work watch. I think the battery has run out, can;t see how to get the back of, if I could I would replace the battery myself. Went into Rostrenen to the jewelers which was all closed up and a friend said been like that for two years, Don't go into that area of Rostrenen that often ! Dose anyone know or can suggest a place that could replace the battery, not to far from Rostrenen. Regards,  Mervyn.

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Hello, are there any Irish on Anglo Info? Preferably in the over 65 age group? It seems an awful lot of people here are from the UK and much of the info isn't really relevant to Irish people living here

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Hi, does anyone know how to continue using my UK mobile for incoming calls and text (I dont use data) while living in France as I'm continuing running my UK business from France and all my customers know that number. Any help would be appreciated.

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Had an operation on my foot cancelled, can I get it done by paying privately?

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Hi, I have looked on various websites to try and find out limits and what meat and cheese products I can and can't bring from the UK to France post Brexit. (It was difficult for me to type that word!)I have founds lots of sites that deal with businesses that import goods to France, but I can't find anything that relates to private individuals (with a passion for strong English cheddar and gammon steak).Can anyone give me a any idea where I will find the info please?ThanksJim W.

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Does anyone know how to pay the duty on a parcel I am waiting for many thanks

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