Are any of the old gang still visiting angloinfo ?

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Bonjour mes amis ( hello my friends) ;-)I was just wondering if any of the old angloinfo gang still look in on here from time to time ?Tigger,simon arn,norm,wozza etc etc are you still around on here ?It would be great to know that you are all well and that life is full of love and positivity for you all.Love and lightJamie xxxx

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i am home 1606559774

We have been back in G.B. seven years now.  Still miss Comburg a lot.  Hope to visit one day.

Arthur and Elizabeth

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Rumplestiltskin-898661 1606985090

Just noticed that AI is up and running again. Since when?

itinerant child-414831 1606985674

I only noticed it myself recently. The Funny thing is that I asked this question on the Burgundy section and that is why people are probably wondering who the names are that I mentioned,but as I was registered in Brittany my post has appeared on here which is quite cool as I was going to ask the same question in Brittany too !!

I hope that you are all keeping well and safe and despite the complications of this last year that you have been able to find fun and love in your lives. xx

enthuisiasm 1606994757

itinerant Child I remember you, back in 2005    good times then .Hope you are well .. GOD BLESS xxxx.  

jandave 1607083264

Glad to see Angloinfo up and running, hope it gets back to the way it was.

itinerant child remember you, it was nice to see a post from one of the old gang.

Nipper 1607183073

It will never get back to the way it was.  People have moved on to other forums, United in Brittany for one.

itinerant child-414831 1607188967

United in Brittany is a very good forum with lots of lovely people , That does not mean that angloinfo will not come back however. There is certainly room for a couple of good forums within the region of Brittany. I enjoy having a look at two as it is a nice to mix with different people and get different ideas. Must get back over to united soon when I am back up that way. xx

Ronald-McDonald-933428 1607332468

The beauty of the internet is that you don't have to be near the people you interact with.

Liz-Fisher-914249 1607388734

Hi Jamie

Bizarre that this newsletter popped up as not really had anything from AI for yonks, hope your travels and life is being good for you.  Can't begin to think how long it's been since you magically flipped the chimney liner up on the roof and you would be shocked at the jungle in the wood and field where your yurt was.  Loved Ronos rum bar, nothing like that around now.  Retirement is good, just hope I can fit everything in that I want to do as soon as this pandemic is beaten.  Take care xx

itinerant child-414831 1607415863

Lovely to hear from you. Indeed I had heard that there was a virus doing its rounds !! it has been a right pain for me in the sense that I can not travel,but I organised it well enough that I could be parked up and on a couple of jobs on the border of Tarn and Aveyron so that kept me occupied for most of the lockdown. I am wanting to head back to Brittany soon with a stop off in Burgundy and am hoping that inter regional travel will get the go ahead from the 15th as the cases albeit much lower,are still twice what they wanted to get to by that date. Enjoy retirement,you worked for it and I hope that you can get out and enjoy further afield very soon. Stay safe and dont forget to have fun now. even with the restrictions we can continue to enjoy each day :-) Luvnstuff, Jamie-fly xx

Rich by name 1607509619

Yep Im here not been on for years well since the big change but hey ho hopefully it will come back to its former glory

Ronald-McDonald-933428 1607856179

Don't hold your breath.

ItchyFeet 1608475100

Probably my first post for years, after moving around SW france and a stint in UK, am now in Fnistere.
The site lost its appeal after the format change
A lot of the other sites have gone too now, maybe due to FB but am not liking the FB style of posting

Ronald-McDonald-933428 1608479421

Not to mention the privacy issues involved with FB.

ItchyFeet 1608480051

Sometimes I think of something then an advert appears on FB for the very same!
Thats how it feels anyway!

Ronald-McDonald-933428 1608550811

That is because while you use Farcebook and other sites they set tracking cookies.  These are used to assess your interests and then they push related ads.  You can set your browser to reject cookies and/or wade through the "permission" popups that appear at the beginning of most sites these days and if you are really dedicated and skillful you can "head 'em off at the pass".

Dave Evans-439024 1608723919

Just looking for AngloInfo to see if it was up and running again. Hey Presto yes it is! Nice to see familiar names again.

John E 1609428227

I used to love the banter on here let’s hope it gets back to something like the old days.


Rich by name 1609466163

Lets hope so Johnee, a couple new and interesting threads may help, 

Ronald-McDonald-933428 1609499990

Let's not hope so.  Some of it got pretty ugly towards the end.

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