Ban on Oil Boilers

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Hello. I've only just been made aware of the new law now in effect banning new and replacement oil boilers in France.We have a holiday home heated by a now 20 year old Franco Belge boiler which is a non condensing boiler and has been problematic for a few years now. It really needs replacing. Additionally, when we are in the UK I occasionally run the boiler when it is cold to protect the house. It is not realistic to have to drain everything down when leaving France.I had planned to bring a new efficient boiler from the UK and install it. However, If oil is on the decline I guess the price could increase as oil heating is phased out.If new boilers are to be banned from 2022 there doesn't really appear to be a viable alternative. Pellet boilers are very expensive, can jam and the ash has to be emptied. You also have to have space for a huge hopper.Air and ground source would probably be too low temperature for old houses with a lack of insulation.Electricity would be expensive an necessitate the purchase of new heaters and a rewire and make existing pipework and radiators redundant.The only viable option I can see, given that people may not want or be able to spend thousands on holiday / second home heating systems, may be bio fuels. That may only require a new nozzle or burner on an existing boiler.I assume that if you are a non resident you will not qualify for a French government grant for any replacement.I wonder what others plan to do? Are there any viable alternatives to oil?Thank you. 

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Fitter 1611698102

Beyond 2022, will we be able to have our oil-fired boiler repaired?

Following the announcement, some confusion reigned around whether or not to have your oil boiler repaired once it breaks down. During an initial speech, it was said that an oil-fired boiler should be replaced if it breaks down.

The minister in charge of ecological transition clarified this point. If an individual faces a breakdown in the past year 2022, he will not be required to replace his oil-fired boiler as long as it can be repaired.

On the other hand, if the breakdown implies a replacement, he will have to opt for a model operating with a source of energy other than fuel oil.'interdire,remplacement%20d'une%20ancienne%20chaudi%C3%A8re.

In your circumstances I would source a replacement oil boiler in the UK and fit it before before 1st Jan 2022 The other alternatives are pompe a chaleur which can be made to work with radiators so I am told, gaz citerne (propane tank gas) which is very expensive or wood pellet heating.

We have none of these, just woodstoves, kerosene and electric towel rails in the bathrooms!

cleyland 1611742776

I've spoken to Grant UK who manufacture pretty decent oil boilers. They are working on a bio fuel solution, and have been for a number of years, for the UK (2025) so hope to have something using their existing boilers with a modified Riello burner. They also hope to offer this solution in France and Germany.

Hopefully this will provide a solution to this rather worrying problem where electricity and renewables just are not a practical solution.

ItchyFeet 1612008456

I would look to change the oil boiler for an air source unit

Ronald-McDonald-933428 1612090744

As the OP has already posted-

"Air and ground source would probably be too low temperature for old houses with a lack of insulation."

ItchyFeet 1612173715

I still would

RonC 1612431957

We've been using a pellet boiler for about 5 years now, ours was made in Sweden so shouldn't involve any extra tax if importing from the UK,  we bought ours in Scotland and had it shipped here, the hopper isn't that big, the water tang can be, never buy a lot of pellets at the start of the season as these have probably been stored through out the summer and if damp they will clog, we buy a pallet at a time and get a couple of months per pallet, depending on how cold, can be used in conjunction with solar panels,  we run ours 24/7 throughout the winter months,  yes ash tray has to be emptied about every 6 weeks, maintenance is easy if a bit dusty, we've reduced our yearly heating bill by 1000e.

Lilly111 1612699382

don't forget that you are entitled to assistance with replacing boilers and according to your income the help is fairly generous , it also applies to holiday homes and rental properties 

cleyland 1612713833

That's interesting. I was under the impression that grants did not apply to holiday homes and I assume that even if they did it would not include non residents?

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