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Hello folks. We are planning to move to Brittany in March 2014 and are searching for a long term rental with some land for our goats.  I wondered if anyone knew which is the best newspaper to buy for long term rentals ads, I do have the connextion but they seem to be all holiday lets. Thanks for any information.      

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Hello Goatlady,

You might find something suitable on this site under Classifieds.

Click on Classifieds at the top of this page (next to Discusions) on the left there is an index column.' Residential properties Available for Rent' are near to the bottom. (After the holiday section)

I noticed a couple of properties with land on the first page tonight.

If you cannot see anything under 'Available' place your own posting under Wanted for Rent, stating what you require and area prefered, size of house, what  rent you are prepared to pay etc.

Believe me there are a lot of people who would prefer their property rented out long term and would get in touch with you!

Good Luck in your house search. Brittany is beautiful in the Springtime!

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Many estatge agents (immobilier) offer rental properties as well as those for sale.

If you search 'louer maison Finistere' or whichever department you are looking for, lots of options will come up. Here's one for example:


OUEST FRANCE & LE TELEGRAMME are 2 local papers.

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  If you phone me I may be able to help. Depends what part of brittany you are looking at . Phone 0299934878 or mobile 0635976748.

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Hello Goatlady, I saw your ad for a longterm rental with some land for goats, Do you know where you want to be, or how much land you want or need? The reason I am asking is that I am thinking about renting my property in Morbihan, near Baud, it is a fully renovated house, with about 16000m or land, approx 4.5 acres. this is divided into 2 fields, a forest, some scrub land, there are 2 streams on the land, so water is accessible, as well as some outbuildings, which may be able to be converted into som kind of shelter or stabling.

Any way let me know if you may be interested.



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Hi Goatlady,

We have a house and 2 cottages near Mur de Bretagne on about 3/4 acres of land. The two cottages are holiday lets but we would be prepared to do a long term let. If this is of interest my email address is

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Hi Goatlady,


I think you have replied to my post about my home for rent.

I can't find it now though so I am trying to get hold of you this way.

Would you like to call me or email me 

Let me know and I will send you details





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Me again!  I have sort of found your reply but my angloinfo is acting very strange.  I used to have chickens there.  I had them right opposite my kitchen window.   I loved it!  I don't mind any of the things you asked.  I really recommend that you come and have a look at it but if you are in the UK then I'll send you a load of pics.

My number is 01395 270403



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This is probably a shock as I return to ask if anyone knows of a long term unfurnished rental in Brittany as I originally popped up in 2014 but it has taken us until now to sell our property in the UK the market has been so stagnant. Just again then to enquire if anyone has a long term let and would accept two rare breed goats they are older and very docile and well behaved so really looking for somewhere with an outbuilding or someone who would let us put up a stable and small enclosure. Don't mind where in Brittany as long as it has shops etc nearby. I have searched everywhere with no luck they are all holiday lets even more now. Grateful for any suggestions of newspapers or agents that may help. I am registered with Bel-Air and AngloINFO....planning to move in July...hopefully....Many thanks in advance.

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Hello, I  am also looking for a Rental property with land for my husband, children, and me. Does anyone no of anything available now? We are hoping to move to Brittany next month (August 2020). Thank you!

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