Can you take food in cabin baggage with Ryanair?

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Am going to UK next Sat and wanted to take some Brie for my mum - does anyone know if this is allowed? According to the FAQs you can take your own food to eat on the plane but there is absolutely nothing about other food. Has anyone flown recently and tried to take or bring back anything like this?

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LRE-394717 1228665442

Yes, this week, and on many an occasion, I took goats' cheese, saucisson, parma ham etc. in the cabin.

delrio-405633 1228726507

No problem, last time we flew back with Ryanair my hand luggage was full of bacon and cheese.

AnnieD-385063 1228730839

MIL got two jars of chutney confiscated last week :(


LRE-394717 1228731279

Annie, Was that because of the glass jars rather than the contents?

geoffanddenise-394391 1228734203

I had butter taken from me at Nantes airport. When i questioned " why" he just shrugged his shoulders looked over to his work mate mumbled something, the other man shrugged his shoulders then shook his head to say no. I asked again the reason but he could not give me an answer. But i was given the option to go and check it in for €12.

LRE-394717 1228735181

There appears to be no rhyme nor reason. I brought over packets of marzipan, which is the same consistency as semtex, in my hand luggage, no questions asked. Last week I had an M&S pizza, muffins and mince pies travelling through Stansted.

julietkm24-414085 1228741381

I recently bought back in ryan air hand luggage to dinan, m&s christmas puddings, battenburg cake, and packets of biscuits, but no cheese or dairy. Didn't try.

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rosiemax-402467 1228746237

Flown from Dinard to East Midlands this morning with cakes in my hand luggage. Security saw them but nothing was said..


pansy whitebits 1228754889

Guess it's OK then - don't want to bring stuff back, just take some cheese over! If I get it confiscated will let everyone know!

blueskyabove 1228768184

I'd heard of someone having Philadelphia cream cheese confiscated and was discouraged from doing it last trip. Is it more difficult then on the trip back from the UK? Or was that a "freak occurence?" If it's worth a chance, I'll certainly try next time!

barryanthony 1228772489

As the rules seem to change frequently as to what you can and cannot take with you on a plane these days, would not your question be best directed at the carrier concerned to save any misunderstanding? Judging by the differing answers you have received to date this would be your best course of action.

Lerome-405515 1228780702

Don't forget that it is not Ryanair who are responsible for the security people at the airports.

I did think that the only rule imposed by Ryanair concerning food is that you may only consume on the flight food purchased on the flight. You can carry it, but you can't eat it!

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barryanthony 1228860107

Just wondering pansy whitebits as you asked the original question. Have you an answer after receiving so much advice? Might be helpful to others who are contemplating something similar.

coothead 1228891201

The philidelphia would have been taken off them because they (at stanstead) would class it as a cream of more than 100 ml. Its just them being a jobsworth. I have just checked out the ryanair website and it says you are allowed to take food on board and it doesnt say you are not allowed to eat any of it. I have got my sandwiches out before and no one has commented.

blueskyabove 1228911065

I've seen many people munching away on sandwiches they've brought onto Ryanair, and other flights that sell food to passengers. Thanks for the advice on Phila. Cream Cheese being a job security target for security guards. Coincidentally there is another thread on here right now explaining the French alternatives and saying that this cheese is available in some English shops in Brittany, and in some of the Intermarche, so may avoid the question all together! Whew!

Tygwen 1228916345

I saw some French girls have their assortment of cheeses taken from them at Dinard - don't know the rationale though.

Tom-Fab-941753 1563998861

Brie is a creamy cheese which is considered as liquid. You can go to to check if what types of cheese are creamy and if you can take cheese on a plane .

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You're replying to an 11 year old posting! 

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