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Ordered some biking gear late December from a company in UK it was sent out by Parcel force on the 30th December economy delivery,  I read a few of the horror stories about other people allegedly being asked to pay customs and import duty to the delivery company, must admit I was a little concerned due to the high value of the materiasl but I was also a little confused as why this would be the case, the stories continued but then hey ho delivery made yesterday no extra charges, it appears social media bullshit reigns again.

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ItchyFeet 1609924376

I am on a car forum and many send off for a part to USA
Some have had to pay £60 to receive the part in UK, some haven't
no idea why, maybe if theres an export note on the package or wording of contents, dunno

Rich by name 1609929459

I also get a lot from the USA classic parts some bike some car and some new tractor parts, sometimes no charge sometimes there is , I think your right it depends on package note, however there shouldnt be anything to pay on goods from UK so long as they fall within the boubary of the trade deal and the declaration is correct

Niklar5 1610012961

Its not from the UK that local carriers try the ''customs scam'' at least not before Brexit, although that may change.

My bad experiences have  been with those working with DHL and similar carriers, when I receive stuff from China. One thief tried to charge me an extra 90 euros for a package, producing a photocopied form as authority.

As I've had the same items delivered by La Poste, with no charges, I knew it was a scam.

He, grabbed the package back when I refused to pay, but it was too light anyway, and only had one item instead of ten!

The seller sent me a new delivery, at my request, by La poste and there were no charges.

Following a similar event where I made sure I kept the package, but did not pay the claimed charges, I demanded they send me a proper Facture, Eventually it arrived, but was just a bland demand for the amount claimed, with nothing to relate it to my delivery.

I would expect to see; value of goods, percentage of value to be paid, eg. 20% for VAT,

plus maybe an additional customs charge.

Again I didnt bother to pay it.

Over the next year or so I received demands from various debt collectors, but felt safe that as it was a scam, no threatened legal action was likely to materialise.

It never did.

I hope this will warn others, and encourage them to resist the demands to pay, but grab the goods first!

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