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So who has bought a cord of firewood and actually got what they paid for,  bear in mind a cord of firewood is 3.6 cubic meters or 128 feet measured when  stacked.  

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I've got a feeling we have been getting shortchanged for a while now.  Couple that with the fact we are now paying three times as much for a corde as we used to it is a total ripoff.  I regret not buying a house with a little woodland of our own but at the time with so little cash I didn't have much choice in the matter.  Oil and electric heating are just as crazy pricewise.  I never thought I would be living like this in retirement.  Leaking roof.  Lucky to achieve double digit temperatures in winter and thanks to IDS swindling us out of our Winter Fuel Allowance it won't be getting better anytime soon.

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And your poin is???

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A Breton cord is not 3.6 cu meters, I believe the 128 cu ft is a historic USA cord. A Breton Cord is 3 stere, and a stere is 1 cu meter if the logs are cut to 1 meter lengths. The link above refers to the legal sizes of a cord at different lengths of wood. As the shorter you cut a log it is possible to stack in greater density a cord of 50cm length logs has a smaller volume than 1 meter logs, and so on. The wood I buy has always been delivered in quantities in accordance with the law, but it is not cheap.

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 The link you posted  states the term or unit  of stere is an unautherised measurement and was made a illegal unit in France in 1977 if I am not mistaken,  the legal unit for the sale of firewood in France is by the M3 not by cord or stere as stated in the link you so kindly provided

Again if memory serves me correctly the reason the units of measurerment for firewood was changed was due to the numerous interpretations of cord and or stere, 

The Cord and stere originated in the states way back in the 1600s was and still is 128 cubic feet or 3.6 M3

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I have no issue with the explanation given by DN-434538.  If it is correct I have been shorted by at least half and possibly two thirds on my deliveries recently.  I will be looking for a different source next time.

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