From wash day blues to flooding loos.

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Just returned from 2 weeks hot! work/hol in central Cotes d'Amor. Arrived after long hot drive hoping to plunge into newly installed shower to find - no eau! Local guy arrived next pm and did not leave until problem solved ( a faulty valve at bottom of well) and did not charge a fortune! Wine guzzling could now commence with gusto. However in trying to wash red stains off clothes found that English washing machine with converted fittings overheated the water and would not rotate on 1/2 wash yet spins when manually adjusted. We have 9KW power supply (only small fridge was on at time) on options Heures Creuses. Is it the machine which might not have survived the crossing (in the back of my transit) or the power system ici? Also on last few days loos did not empty as normal and rose dangerously close to brim. We have an old farm house with septic tank - I don't know size. House has stood empty for 8 yrs- smells a little near inspection chamber and looks unsavoury. Have put down organism reagitater and natural cleanses. Should I get emptied and start again? Lastly, sorry to be long-winded, how do I go about getting well-water (apparently it is a source) tested for drinking quality? Any advice will be gratefully received. Le Chemineau

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An English washing machine should function normally, are you sure that you havnt mixed hot and cold feeds? I would be reluctant to spend too much time on a wm as they arent expensive here if you look at the promotions at Geant etc and if you have an internal pipe burst due to the high pressure here, BONJOUR - kitchen wrecked and insurance qui dit NON !!

Fosse septique, YES, have it emptied well (local farmer 50 euros - totally illegal ;-) and then fill it with clean water and a good dose of Eparcyl or similar, the symptoms you describe are those of a fosse which has dried out (not surprising this year) and you may be able to revive it. Bear in mind though that if it is old it may be very small, you are best to adopt the french method of using a certain tree in the garden!

Well water, fill a clean bottle with said water, take to nearest "Laboratoire d'analysis" all towns generally have one, follow old people carrying little pots with red lids! (or check in the phonebook function on AngloINFO, listed on the front page). Ask for "Analysis d'Eau", if memory serves me well (sorry!) about 15 euros. In about a week you will have a full breakdown of the water. Brittany, if you have farms around, has normally too many Nitrates, but the report will tell you the norms and then tell you what yours is.  

Finally, if the water isnt drinkeable, consider piping just the cold taps in the house from mains water and use the well for the hot, the washing machine and the toilets, you will save money!

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