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I have seen and heard (mostly on TV) that there are grants availabl for renovations. Am I right in thinking these are only given for properties which will be used as gites? Carol

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Carol and Frank,

There are usually grants available through "Gites de France" but this does tie you into them for a number of years and you would have to have all the work done in the traditional manner which means long waits etc.

There are also grants available, if you wish to renovate a house which you then agree to let for a certain period of time, year round, to people who live in the area i.e. not on holiday. In the light of the French system of protecting the person renting and not the property owner, I dont know of any non-French people who have applied/been succesful for these grants.

What sort of project did you have in mind?



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Thanks for your reply, it's pretty much as we thought. We have a house which we are about to start work on but did not expect to qualify for grants as it is intended for our family. However, we have always worked by the theory that if you don't ask - you neither know nor get!


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A point of view to which I suscribe as well!


my best regards,

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