Has the Euro Really Raised Prices ??

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When I moved to France, we still had the good old franc and, at the time, an exchange of about ten to one. Simply put, lop off a zero and you had pounds, easy therefore to see if something was value or not. Since the Euro arrived, I have tried to view the price in Euros only and get used to it . . . . . however . . . . Everything looks expensive to me, because it looks like pounds but more so !! Food and essentials, I dont look anymore, but for "extras" or sale bargains I need to know that something really is cheaper. I actually find, that since the Euro I buy less because nothing looks "a bargain" any more . . . . . . . what do you think?   my best regards,Bob

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mike-381710 1059125322

Yeah - I think that, psychologically speaking, €50, $50, £50 and 500F all occupy the same "space". Certainly plenty of people who sell products in the US and the UK seem to think so, as they all too often work on a dollar-pound exchange rate of 1:1...

Now here's a thought: since the dollar-franc "exchange rate" for such products was 1:10, will we actually see their prices drop as it switches to dollar-euro "emotional parity"?

Personally, I don't see that the overally cost of living has been that heavily hit by the euro.

bob-381779 1059127047

i,ve definately not seen a change in the cost of overalls :-)

Pam Morton-381801 1059151255

Hello again - there is no escape!!!   See my reply to Tink on page 13 of the Crystalflute rubbish site, if you see what I mean...Hope you're all enjoying the rain.   And Bob, do you really need to wear overalls to work as a forums moderator (or whatever it's called)?  Perhaps Mrs. Bob could knit you some new ones.   Heigh ho, back to defrosting the freezer....

          All he best,


p.s.   perhaps the plural of forum is fora?


mike-381710 1059156800

In the Ancient Roman sense of "marketplace" (the descendant of the Greek agora), the plural of forum is, indeed, fora. In this context, however (people barneying on-line), convention has it that the correct plural is "forums".

Pam Morton-381801 1059166346

I bow, deeply, to your depth of knowledge though I had always thought "forum" came from the Latin hence the plural, "fora".   A bit like the plural of "Father Christmas" should be "Father Christmae!"   Which, thank heaven does not arrive here until December....

                    Salut (without a circumflex!)


Runaway2France 1059271775

"Mrs. Bob" ?????  If there was one I think she'd have to knit cardies, not overalls, come back Les, all is forgiven !

But, to the original topic........... the Euro/Sterling thing confuses the heck out of me - far too similar - I had to keep saying to my friend, "what's that in English" !!!  From what I saw though, it's still one hellava lot cheaper in France than in the UK.



Pam Morton-381801 1059341914

Or both, even!   I think Bob would look lovely in Fair Isle.....Yes, cheaper on the whole I think, said she slurping a glass of Super U's very nice Marmandais rose (still without the accent, sorry!)   Oh, I hope that's not advertising or anything unacceptable llike that - but do try it.   It's very cheap, too.

                     Cheers and xxx   xxx   xxx





Runaway2France 1059350125


It's a shame (or a blessing) that AI doesn't let us show photo's or maybe we could find out what he looks good in!

I too have been 'slurping' the plonk I brought back with me last week. No idea what any of it was called but it was lovely. Mr. Cote de Provence has a lot to answer for............ maybe I'm not supposed to drink it by the bottle through a straw eh?  J



Pam Morton-381801 1059425995

Do we really wish to see these things?   Where did you find a long enough straw to drink straight out of the bottle?   This has been one of my lifetime missions!    Cheers, or even "hic" - it does go down well on a sunny  evening, doesn't it, by which I mean the pinque plonque......


Runaway2France 1059433923

Oh goody, I've found another nutter - sorry, AI sister (do you ever go to play on the other site? Angel will just love you).

As to the straw problem........ Well, I once tried to straighten a curly wurly straw by gently heating it over a flame. The trouble is that I don't have a very long attention span so the flipping thing melted whilst I was 'away with the faeries' (or maybe I'd already had a visit from Mr. Cote, can't remember which). 

Then I realised that I don't really need the straw after reaching it's limit in the bottle, by that stage I just chuck it out the window and drink straight from the bottle (saves on the washing up so I'm really helping the environment).

'Pinque plonque' on a sunny evening......... I wouldn't know, it's done nowt but rain since I came home, I really think it's time I bought a one way ticket.

As we've wandered from the original topic, I wonder how long it will be before Admin throws us into the Great Debate section J



Pam Morton-381801 1059514602

A nutter?   God forbid, I am a highly sober and respectable liar, sorry, person who takes a lively interest in all sorts of things.  Just so happens that pinque plonque has been almost as high on the list as Pimms No. 1, which the dear Bob has researched for us all.   However, I have to be extremely moderate in all these things which is why I do actually play on other sites, or at least subjects.  Helps to keep the glass at bay.

Now I would have thought that a bright gent (?) such as yourself would have had more sense than to do what you did with a plastic straw... It is the harvest season and the real thing abounds in the fields all rolled up in great balls.   Mother nature always has her little perks so start collecting them now!!!   They'll be nice and dry by next summer.   "It takes one to know one," I've heard say and I'm not talking about straws now!!


Runaway2France 1059520323

Gent?   me???? boy, are you in for a surprise!  Read the Marriage by Internet thread on the other side and you may form a different opinion J



Admin-381709 1059540237

Some effort to stay on-topic would be appreciated...

Forums Administrator

Brett-381758 1059553505

The price of straw has certainly shot up . . . . (but is that the Euro - erm no!)

(a desperate attempt to pull the ladies back on thread)

And blimey Admin, had you had an accident? Or were the flames toasting your nether regions ?? (04 something - 0 my goodness, thats early)



Pam Morton-381801 1059556848

Ahem!   Thanks Brett, I sit here abashed and thinking that the euro does not buy as much pp as the franc used to, a sad affair if ever there was one and as for the price of photographic paper - well, I always bring that back from the Channel Islands as it's about the only thing over there that doesn't cost a  fortune in anybody's money.  So sorry Admin (are  you Bob in a knitted disguise?)   Will try to keep to the point in future << hangs head in shame>>


Runaway2France 1059599405

Ah!!!  That's better, now I feel more 'at home' ...........and Pam, you may be surprised at the many guises of our beloved 'admin.

A bit more 'back on topic' - when I was over there last week I paid 3euros EACH for two ice creams in Aix,  a friend of mine bought one on Tuesday in Aix and paid 1 Euro 60 - is this blatant 'Sunday' charging?  And they say that London is the tourist rip off capital of the world!



Pam Morton-381801 1059600528


      I am too ancient and cynical to be surprised by anything, least of all the price of ice creams, but my latest project is to produce an acceptable pinque plonque lolly.   Bought in bulk (the plonque) should put the ice cream rip-off merchants out of business, be it in pounds, francs or euros.   Or even d.marks?!!!   Or U.S. dollars if push comes to shove......(chance would be a fine thing)


Runaway2France 1059608263


I'm not quite ancient yet, cynical......... maybe a little - well, a lot then!

If you need an official taster/tester for these 'ere lollies, I'm your woman.

Whoops!  sorry admin, off topic again, but you know what we woman are like....... we can never stick to the point.  J



Pam Morton-381801 1059635285


The would-be tasters are queueing up at the doors already, good thing I'm a "matinale" person!!!   Don't know if my pricing policy (anything but euros!!!) is working - people seem to want to pay in haricot beans!!!

Runaway2France 1059702015

and there we have the conversation neatly back to my favourite  - baked beans - which, as we already know (if you read the threads on the Riviera site) are extortionately priced in France........... see Admin, almost  back on topic - aren't we good little girls J



Pam Morton-381801 1059722978

Morning!   Baked beans?!!!   Do you mean those things in tins?  You can always buy them dried and make your own sauce or take a trip to the Channel Islands and bring back a car load, they are quite cheap in pounds, by which I mean £££s of course, Like Pimm's and other essentials.

The lolly factory is not yet in production so no Euros rolling in at present and yesterday I started to have cravings for a good old cheesecake which Euros won't buy!!!


Pam Morton-381801 1059722980

Morning!   Baked beans?!!!   Do you mean those things in tins?  You can always buy them dried and make your own sauce or take a trip to the Channel Islands and bring back a car load, they are quite cheap in pounds, by which I mean £££s of course, Like Pimm's and other essentials.

The lolly factory is not yet in production so no Euros rolling in at present and yesterday I started to have cravings for a good old cheesecake which Euros won't buy!!!


bob-381779 1059726231


There's an echo in here !


my best regards,

Pam Morton-381801 1059726480

So there is Bob!   I don't know quite how that happened - probably because I was listening to Sarah Kennedy on Beeb 2, always a hoot so lost concentration.   I willl try to do better in future....


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