How to reset the password for an SFR router

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Does anyone know how to reset the password on an SFR router?I have the latest SFR router for my fixed line and internet access, but the wifi password that came with it is 20 characters long and so tedious for visitors to key in for access.I accessed the SFR wifi security tab [] but there does not appear to be any provision there to change the password.

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Tregadilet 1502982595

There many models of SFR routers, this link from the English  SFR section might help you:


countrydweller 1502983245

Or  phone 1023 and ask them to do it

Joe-Huelgoat-383105 1503016511

Does your router not have a WPS button to allow users to connect without entering password ?

bartyb 1503040013

Go to , pick your box and haveahunt around. Sadly all the boxes are different and the instructions for the various boxes are not consistent.

louer louer 1503136700

On my NB6 style sfr box, once logged in, I choose 'maintenance' then select 'administration' (or 'management' if you have set the language to English), this gives me a page where I can reset the login password.

Farthing 1503140325

Give that man (Louer Louer) a cigar!

That is indeed the SFR webpage with the password reset option.

Thank you all for your help..

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