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Hello& Bonne AnneeI would be most grateful for your thoughts.  We have been in France since early summer & have used our Intermarche Card for every supermarket shop.Our accumulated points total Feb 2020 onwards is markedly different from last year - only here on & off for 4 Months which earned us nearly 60 euros We redeemed this in January 2020.  This year our accumulated Total is  9 Euros???  to be redeemed by end of Feb 2021. I'm at a loss as to why this is.  Has the Points system Changed & is only awarded for the Monthly Promo Offers &  not the whole shop.  I was expecting a sum greater than last years & have been really disappointed with the low amount.  Any explanation for this really welcome.

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Hopefully someone can help you understand what's going on.  We gave up on fidelity cards years ago.  Too complicated and they all work differently.  Then we discovered that some of them, if not used by a certain date, the total is lost and resets back to zero.

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I use Carrefour so not sure how Intermarché works. But in comparison, 60€ for a few months seems very high and 9 euros for half a year or so seems a little low but more what I would expect. I probably average between 10 and 20€ over a year. However I don't really think about points when I'm shopping, I'm sure I could get a lot more if I chose items according to what was offering promo points.

Did you make a big one off purchase that offered extra promo points to get the 60€, say a coolbox or a suitcase or something?

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