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Hi Having just moved to Brittany, I have tried to load up AOL 7.0 but seem to be unable to get connected. Does anyone know if you have to delete AOL 6.0 first before trying the AOL 7.0?  Feel lost without free use of the internet, if anyone has any other suggestions for other usage I would be grateful for any ideas. Thanks

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Les Palmiers-381714 1060216794

Hi Carole

go to and choose a tariff on line and bobs your uncle!! (and set AngloINFO as your home page as i did!!!!)



Carole-381843 1060253291

Hi Les

I managed to get aol to load up after all, I had to delete cookies etc. which were clogging up the computer.   Do you know whether it works the same as in UK, ie. once I've gone into AOL france, I can then use hotmail, yahoo etc. without it costing anything extra?  I don't want to be running up a huge bill.   I went for "offres tout compris" selection?

Thanks for your help

Les Palmiers-381714 1060260808

I think Hotmail and Yahoo/Google are free regardless of which ISP you use - it doesnt have to be AOL.

Try and find a reliable service that costs the cheapest price for the time connected that you use.



Paul-381900 1060261863

My advice after 8 yrs using the net in France is to avoud AOL like the plague. Not only are they rip off merchents but the service is bad  and unreliable.  Got to  and get a deal from them. eg 6 days a week unlimited usage from 5 am til 5 pm Mon to Sat plus 20 hrs to use when you want for 15€.


Also as mentioned any of your search engines and portals such as google, Yahoo altavista etc are free anyway.



Dumbo 1060289976

I picked up a free CD at Credit Agricole bank. It is called Cario and there is a discount if you are a bank member. I have 35 hours / month for €19.

Karen-381938 1060378407

Hi Carole,

Try loading  UK AOL 7 And when it comes up change country of origin to France; on numbers click offres toutes compris. As long as you're paying your UK subscription it should work as per UK. We're doing this and pay the normal GBP15.99 per month for unlimited access 24/7 through the UK bank account; the bonus is it's in English so no struggling with my still poor French!


Karen & Graham

Eddy-381876 1060438655

i've sung the praises of FT before re telephone service and do the same re wanadoo. Wasn't overly impressed by the previous quoted figures. I understand that depending on time of day connection with some isp's, if achieved, can be slow. Not an unimportant factor when you're trawling over a familiar site and expect computer to keep up. With wanadoo it never fails to connect me although at peak times speed does drop a little. For €25 I get 100 hours which is plenty, handy for young ones with their freebies. Would suggest 100 hours is too much though but lesser hours is only slightly cheaper. I would tend to support suspicions about the value of people like aol and certainly CA, they are a bank!!

Dumbo 1060439836

In England I use Powergen as can ISP, it is run for them by Affinity. Similarly with Cario they run it for CA. est classé N°1
des FAI pour la performance globale par le Journal du Net
(classement décembre 2002)

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