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Would any of you knitters or crafters out there know the quivalent French yarn sizes for English knitting yarns, eg 4 ply, double knitting etc.? I assume the yarn ply will be the same as knitting needle sizes are the same, but I've been told that they have different names.   Thank you.

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There is no simple equivalent; all the different manufacturers have different names for their yarns and there doesn't seem to be any standard thickness like double knit or 4 ply. If you want to use a British pattern, you'll need to check the tension and then look for the same tension on the wool bands

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Thanks for that Karen.  It's sounds complicated but I'll give it a try.  Incidentally, where is good for buying wool?  I live near La Gacilly and Redon.

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You can have the site in English or French - you can pay in Euros or Pounds or just about any other currency..... delivered to you within 48 hours sometimes even quicker and good prices to boot!

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I actually buy most of my wool online from the UK . There are loads of online suppliers who deliver over here quite cheaply. Just google online wool shops. One I use quite regularly is Black Sheep Wools who deliver for about £5.00 but if you want a particular brand or style of wool, google that and you are bound to find one that will deliver here


cheshirecat-787308 1385417354 could be very useful to you!
It's a wonderful resource for looking up yarns, french ones included, and lots more besides!

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Forgot to say, if you want to use French patterns, there is a very good website which has a French/English translation (including abbreviations) of kntting terms.

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If you like to see the yarn 'in the flesh' before you buy you could try Ecolaine at Rennes which is within striking distance of you. You'll find more information and a map here  They also have a huge range of fabric for dressmaking and patchwork and all sorts of haberdashery stuff.

Or if you fancy a trip up to Dinan, pop in to Fil de Lune, 20 Rue de la Violette, 22100 Quévert. If it helps, Sylvie the owner speaks fluent English.


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I just look at the metres and grams and then look at what that equates to in English.There are lots of conversion charts on the internet and as mentioned above Ravelry has a wealth of information. 

Regarding buying wool you could try as they have various shops around Brittany. 

I also buy from in the UK as they are such good value.

Happy knitting!

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I am finding it very frustrating that in this day and age there are not more knitting patterns to download.  I can find lovely patterns but then I have to send for the pattern.  I don't want free patterns just to be able to pay and download. The likes of Sirdar and Patons need to move into the 21st century. I have found some on this site and I have made this from wool I bought from Tissuemyrtile in Lorient.

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lots of patterns on both those sites - free and paid for 

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Thank you Genie I have seeen yarninspiration before but not Ravelry - that one is brilliant.

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see also the designer patterns on that link


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Find more free downloadable great patterns at the website for crochet and knitting click here and download

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