Living in Brittany for the Summer

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Okay, we've finally bought the house and have spent a lovely week en Bretagne without the kids.  Ah, I remember what it was like before kids.... Unfortunately, now we are back to reality and I (oh, lucky, lucky me) am travelling back to Brittany with the kids next week.  The kids are very excited because it will be their first trip to the new house and it has stairs!!! (We live in a bungalow here in the UK.)  So here is the first in a continuing series of questions. 1)  Please can someone tell me what the deal is on garbage collection.  I went to the Mairie's office and I think I will be getting a poubelle which is fine and dandy (it should be in front of my gate when we return next week) but I am not sure they are bringing it to me or I have to pick it up and if I have to pick it up from where? 2) Still on the garbage question...when we arrived we had a few things to bring and also to buy which has left us with some rather bulky garbage - boxes, etc.  I understand there is some sort of Saturday a.m. arrangement but I'm not sure of the whereabouts or the details so any help here would be appreciated.  Also, the garden has become overgrown and we will need to cart the grass away as it has been too dry to burn (it's almost like being back in Canada) so where do we take it? 3)  I am going to have my 4 (yes 4) horrible children with me and they are already cross because I'm not bringing their bikes.  I need to know where I might be able to buy 4 second hand (very cheap) bikes for kids aged 12, 9, 7 and 6.  I don't actually want them to have bikes initially since they aren't used to busy roads and drivers who drive on the left.  I thought I could get away with scooters to start with and work my way up but kids are crafty these days so I don't think it would work for long. 4)  The next thing of course, is are there english-language dvd's available?  If so, from where or how much or can you rent them or any info really?   5)  Finally, (I think), I am bringing my computer with me (internet ready of course) but need to know about the computer leads and an internet connection lead (where you plug it into the phone jack and link your computer to it).  Do they have these in France and if so, what are they called.   My learning curve is dramatically rising.  My French has improved amazingly and I have to say, I was totally chuffed when an older French gentleman said in French that my French was 'very good for an Anglaise'.  I hope my kids pick it up quickly 'cause it's no fun being the only one in the family that speaks French.   Thanks for all your help. 

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bob-381779 1058287431


I can probably help you with all these questions!

But it would help me to help you if I know what area your house is located in, then my answers can be more specific . . . . . .!

thank you,


my best regards,

Pam Morton-381801 1058303008

Hello,   Like Bob (who is an angel and knows lots!) I'd need to know where you are , too.   At the moment, wherever you are, don't burn anything out of doors or even in your chimney, the risks are too great.   You may have noticed we have had very little rain....   Re plugs, I brought handfulls of 3-pin adaptors from the UK and have used them all round the house for 10 years without any problems.   This is useful as it saves changing them all which is an effort.   You'll also need as modem and plug adaptor for your computer ask a computer-literate friend.   Dustbins!!  Ha ha, anyone's guess -again it depends where you live.    The kids willl pick up the language as if they were born to it, don't worry about that one - the younger the better.   All the best!



Pam Morton-381801 1058304168

     Me again - I forgot!  Bikes are generally cheaper (new and available in some bigger supermarkets) than in the UK.   And re your electrics, when it's thundery like this evening, play safe and unplug everything you value.   It once cost me over £70 to get a new fuse put in to my water heater (the electrician had to come from a long way away on a bank holiday!) and another time, even though my phone/fax line is earthed, the fax was blown out, also the t.v., video and fridge.   No thunderstorms had been forecast that time.   Now I don't take any chances whatsoever.    Tonight, for example, I'm pulling the lot out , the forecasters could be right and "boum boum!!!"                       Pam.  


bob-381779 1058343064


My mum always said I was an Angel !

But really, just doing my job Ma'am !


my best regards,

Pam Morton-381801 1058344196

Hi Bob,   Well angels have jobs as well don't they?   All those wings to fluff up and keeping an eye on all of us.... By the way it was 37C here yesterday and the day before so the Pimm's was well and truly broken out!!   Cheers.


mike-381710 1058346348


A few answers that don't require your geographical position:

3) Try Troc de l'Ile for the bikes - the world's biggest (I think) group of consignment-sale stores, and there's almost certainly one relatively near to you.

4) If the movie was made in English then the DVD will have an English soundtrack (selectable) on it. So wherever you get DVDs - video rental stores, plus roadside rental booths if you want to hire, super/hypermarkets and record stores if you want to buy - you can get English-language ones. However, most French films are only released with the French-language soundtrack, so you can't rent Jean de Florette locally and expect to listen to it in English...

5) You'll need power adapters - most convenient if you have a laptiop with non-standard power cable - or a euro-generic power cable or two (kettle-style, available from super/hypermarkets, electrical goods shops and so on), and also a new modem cable or an adapter. If your current modem cable has a BT-style plug (the white one) hard-wired then you'll need to replace the cable. Get one which has a US-style RJ-11 plug, and then get an adapter that looks like a French telephone plug but has a socket on the bottom for an RJ-11. Again: super/hypermarkets and electrical goods suppliers.



bob-381779 1058354823

One important Tip re the modem connection cable,

Most supermarkets will happily sell you a cable in a lovely blister pack which will require industrial strength tools to open it, personal injury almost guaranteed. This will fit perfectly in all available sockets on computer and in the wall - BUT - it will not work . . . . . and as you have opened the packet the shop is unlikely to refund you.

Therefore, be careful to specify "pour le branchement d'un modem d' ordinateur au service Internet", perhaps, better still, buy from a specialist shop.

This also applies to telephone line extension cables - so beware!

For the disposal of large items of rubbish, you will need directions to your Communes tip (Dechetterie) - this may not be the nearest, but is the one you pay taxes for, and if the supervisor is feeling officious he will ask for a proof of address, in some areas you may even need a swipe card to get in- AND, DO NOT MIX RUBBISH - they will refuse it!  You need to have everything seperated by rubbish type before going to the tip. And finally, the tips have very odd opening hours since the 35 hours came in so write the hours down and keep it safe. . . . . . 

If you do give me your approximate location I will furnish you with your nearest options.


my best regards,

bob-381779 1058355254

Oh, and Pam,

Phew ! Better today, but the heat starts again tomorrow apparently!


my best regards,

Pam Morton-381801 1058356754

Hello Bob,   Thanks!!!   It's as black as Newgate's Knocker here at the moment but guess who slept through last night's free firework display - must have had something to do with the neighbours and the Pimm's!   They had a rough time of it down south though, didn't they.

         a bientot.   (Can never manage the accents on this thing.)


bob-381779 1058367967


Somethings doing some dire rumbling around here - and for once it isnt my stomach! :-)

Must keep on thread now or the iron hand of Admin will descend!


my best regards,

Pam Morton-381801 1058372414

God forbid!!!!


Seeker-381844 1058387988


Whilst we're waiting for Crystralflute to sort out her garbage, here's a tip for obtaining accents, regardless of country of keyboard.

Keep the 'Alt' key pressed down and type the numbers shown below using the right-hand numeric keypad (make sure NumLock is on), then let go and press the letter key that needs to be accentuated.  Thus:-

  Alt + 130, e = é

  Alt + 138, e = è

  Alt + 136, e = ê

  Alt + 137, e = ë

  Alt + 135, c = ç

  Alt + 133, a = à

  Alt + 131, a = â 

  Alt + 147, o = ô

  Alt + 140, i  = î

  Alt + 150, u = û

  Alt + 0156   = œ


Those are the more common ones; most others (incl. capital equivalents) are to be found between numbers 128 and 165 - just try them!


And if you want a Euro sign:

  Alt + 0128   =

à bientôt!

Seeker [

Sorry Admin, that was totally off-topic, I know... 

Pam Morton-381801 1058426082

Dear Seeker (of truth, wisdom and light?!)   Very many thanks for all the info about how to get accents which I have printed and will today distribute to the similarly afflicted and give Anglo-INfo a big "plug" at the same time.   After all, where else can one get info on Pimm's and circumflexes in the space of a few days, it's like a mini Google!!   However, I can't report any success as I use a laptop which doesn't have a numeric pad.   There are one or two accents scattered (very) about the keyboard which I can never seem to match with the letters so it's back to putting them all in with a black fine tipped pen!!!

Meanwhile I'm wondering if Crystalflute could get someone to dig  huge hole in her garden and chuck all her rubbish in it.   We have to sort all ours out for recycling and take it here and there which is a bit of a pain when in the village everone has their own little wheelie bins and a collection every week.   It's another world, but I prefer mine!!

All the very best and thanks again.          Pam.


mike-381710 1058436314

With the keypad-accent thing it's generally better to be consistent and use the four-digit codes for all - this is less operating-system dependent and gives you access to more characters. so:


Description Code   Description Code
Á  Aacute alt-0193   Ç C-cedilla alt-0199
À Agrave alt-0192   ç  c-cedilla alt-0231
  Acircumflex alt-0194   Ð Eth alt-0208
Ä  A-dieresis alt-0196   ð eth alt-0240
à Atilde alt-0195   Ñ N-tilde alt-0209
Å  A-ring alt-0197   ñ n-tilde alt-0241
    Š Scaron alt-0138
á  a-acute alt-0225   š  scaron alt-0154
à  a-grave alt-0224   Ý Yacute alt-0221
â  a-circumflex alt-0226   ý yacute alt-0253
ä  a-dieresis alt-0228   Þ Thorn alt-0222
ã  a-tilde alt-0227   þ thorn alt-0254
å  a-ring alt-0229        
É  E-acute alt-0201   Description Code
È  Egrave alt-0200   Æ AE alt-0198
Ê  Ecircumflex alt-0202   æ  ae alt-0230
Ë  Edieresis alt-0203   Œ OE alt-0140
    œ oe alt-0156
é  e-acute alt-0233        
è  e-grave alt-0232   PUNCTUATION SYMBOLS  
ê  e-circumflex alt-0234   Description PC
ë  e-dieresis alt-0235   § section alt-0167
    •  bullet alt-0149
Í  Iacute alt-0205   paragraph alt-0182
Ì  Igrave alt-0204   ¿ questiondown alt-0191
Π Icircumflex alt-0206   ¡ exclamdown alt-0161
Ï  Idieresis alt-0207   « guillemotleft alt-0171
    » guillemotright alt-0187
í  i-acute alt-0237    ellipsis alt-0133
ì  i-grave alt-0236   endash alt-0150
î  i-circumflex alt-0238   emdash alt-0151
ï  i-dieresis alt-0239   doublequote left alt-0147
    doublequote right alt-0148
Ó  Oacute alt-0211   singlequote left alt-0145
Ò  Ograve alt-0210    singlequote right alt-0146
Ô  Ocircumflex alt-0212   guilsingleleft alt-0139
Ö  O-dieresis alt-0214    guilsingleright alt-0155
Õ Otilde alt-0213   ·  period centered alt-0183
Ø Oslash alt-0216   ‚  quote single base alt-0130
    quote double base alt-0132
ó  o-acute alt-0243        
ò  o-grave alt-0242   MATHEMATICAL/GREEK SYMBOLS  
ô  o-circumflex alt-0244   Description PC
ö  o-dieresis alt-0246   ° degree alt-0176
õ  o-tilde alt-0245   ± plusminus alt-0177
ø  oslash alt-0248    ÷ divide alt-0247
    per thousand alt-0137
Ú  Uacute alt-0218   ­ minus alt-0173
Ù  Ugrave alt-0217   × multiply alt-0215
Û  Ucircumflex alt-0219   ½ one half alt-0189
Ü  U-dieresis alt-0220   ¼ one quarter alt-0188
    ¾ three quarters alt-0190
ú  u-acute alt-0250   ¹ one superior alt-0185
ù  u-grave alt-0249    ² two superior alt-0178
û  u-circumflex alt-0251    ³ three superior alt-0179
ü  u-dieresis alt-0252   µ mu alt-0181
    ¬ logicalnot alt-0172
Ÿ  Ydieresis alt-0159    ƒ florin alt-0131
ÿ  ydieresis alt-0255   ß germandbls alt-0223
Description Code   Description Code
euro alt-0128   ® registered alt-0174
¢  cent alt-0162   © copyright alt-0169
£ sterling alt-0163   trademark alt-0153
¥ yen alt-0165        
ISOLATED ACCENTS     Description Code
Description Code   ª ordfeminine alt-0170
´ acute alt-0180   º ordmasculine alt-0186
¨ dieresis alt-0168   dagger alt-0134
ˆ circumflex alt-0136   double dagger alt-0135
˜ tilde alt-0152    
¯ macron alt-0175  
¸ cedilla alt-0184  

Seeker-381844 1058437878

Well yes, that is a very nice table indeed, Mike, far better than mine!  Thx! - I assume it's Ok to print it out for personal use?  And you're absolutely right about the 4-digit vs. 3-digit choice, I'm just being lazy and learned the shorter codes that work for me...

But what does Pam and other owners of small laptops do about a lack of numeric keypad, eh?  Are we to believe that these poor unfortunates are forever excommunicated from the world of High ASCII?!

Seeker [

...sorry Cystalflute, we're still way off-topic here..

mike-381710 1058438427

Normally, on laptops, it's Fn+Alt+ the number on the pseudo keypad that's marked on the front of the keys (or in a different colour) on the right-hand side of the alphameric section of the keyboard (generally 789, UIO, JKL, M). You end up feeling a bit like Thelonious Monk voicing a particularly dense chord, but it gets you there eventually. (Oh - NumLock may need to be ON.)

And Crystalflute: you'll be needing to type a bunch of accented characters when you get here, so unless you've got a French keyboard, we hope that this will be helpful to you, too! (don't we, Seeker?)

Pam Morton-381801 1058448606

Good heavens!!!   How do you find out all these things Mike, or are you what I believe is known as a "techie"?   I'm wildly impessed whilst at the same time being seriously under privileged it appears.   I have stored it all away, however, in case one day I get a grown-up computer - that's in case, one day, I grow up!!!   Very many thanks indeed and I can almost see Seeker's eyes boggling from here.   Enough, also,  to put  Crystalflute's rubbish problems out of her thoughts as well.   I'm going out to look for mushrooms now and then come back and have a bath so that I can shout "Eureka" when I get in.   All the best, Pam (aka Archimedes' Granny!!)

bob-381779 1058457574


"Mike, (or) are you what I believe is known as a "techie"?"

You may just have hit the nail on the head there with your description of Mike!!!!!! But dont tell him I said that will you please?

WE of course, US that is  . . . .ie. those inside AngloINFO . . . . . are careful to refer to HIM as "the all knowing one"  as "techie" has been known to offend . . . . . . . . .

(and just for the record, I have never seen Mike sporting either a pony tail or anorak !!!!!!)

And Crystalflute,

Big rubbish filled holes in the garden are, of course, totally illegal, being so ecologically unsound etc. (but I know of plenty of people who, in the absence of a more practical solution have done exactly that . . . . . )

phew! back on thread !



my best regards,

Pam Morton-381801 1058459409

Moi?   Gossip?  No, of course I won't tell Mike that you all call him a "techie," or that you all seem to think it's an insult!!!   Somebody called me that once and as you'll have realised I don't know the first thing about anything.   Except birds and mushrooms and Crystalflute's rubbish!!!   Holes in the ground seem like the best idea and possibly good for the worms, moles and other inhabitants thereof?   Worth a try if there's so much of it!!    Must dash off, a girl's work is never done........cheers to all


Vonny-381712 1058476076

Now, sorry to change the subject yet again, but can anyone please enlighten me on what on earth the dagger and the double dagger are used for? And quite a lot of others actually...............???

Over to you Mike for those explanations? When you have five minutes of course.......

Seeker-381844 1058477359

Vonny, I think daggers and double daggers are used for referencing footnotes, particularly in the field of genealogy to represent, say, a year or date of death.  Useful if you're documenting your family tree, like, as one does when one has a couple of minutes to spare.

Seeker [

bob-381779 1058481007


You lot should get out more! :-)

come to think of it, so should I!!!


my best regards,

Seeker-381844 1058481533

But we do get out, Bob, honest!  Just can't resist, inbetween innumerable outings, being friendly and helpful on this 'ere splendid site...

Seeker J

mike-381710 1058521339


  • As Seeker says, daggers and double-daggers are used for footnotes. If footnotes are designated by symbols rather than superscript numbers, then the dagger follows the asterisk (traditionally used for the first footnote on a page) and the double-dagger follows the dagger.

  • The dagger is commonly used as a sign of mortality by genealogists, to mark the death of (or names of) dead people.

  • Lexicographers use daggers to mark obsolete forms of words.

  • In classical texts, the dagger marks passages judged to be corrupt.

Other names for the dagger are obelisk, obelus or long cross.

A deep understanding of such typographical niceties is, of course, essential for a full, happy life in Breton society (ahem...).


Pam Morton-381801 1058523875

"Essential for a full, happy life in Brittany (ahem!)"   Like the disposal of poor Crystalfulte's rubbish?   She must think we're all raving bonkers but isn't that what living in Britanny is all about?


Brett-381758 1058524623

" You don't have to be Mad to live here, But if you are it Helps !! "


Pam Morton-381801 1058524895

It's essential to our survival!!!


Seeker-381844 1058526061

Come to think of it, it's been 3 days now and not a word from Cyrstalflute. It's all very worrying. But I trust she's just too busy with her preparations for next week, or maybe it's that she's cut her BT plug off her modem cable following Mike's advice on page 2 and can't now connect?

Either that or she has indeed come to the rapid conclusion that we're all raving bonkers, to be discarded at the earliest opportunity with the rest of her rotting garbage.

Notwithstanding any of the above, we can but wish Crystalflute a happy holiday. And may her flutes be always filled with something cool and refreshing..


P.S. Amusing to observe that Pam and Brett seem to have caught the same virus as that which afflicts AI-Riviera regulars. A warning: it's both contagious and addictive!

P.P.S. You're quite right Pam, I am in constant search of Truth, Wisdom, Light. Why else do you think I'm here?

Crystalflute 1058545877

Dear All:


Thank you very much for your prompt replies.  I have been very busy, trying to organise a 'phone from France Telecom (verrry interesting...) and doing other things in preparation for our trip.

The house is in a small village called Hénon, 15km from Lamballes and 20km from St. Brieuc.

Sorry I didn't include this information previously.

Seeker-381844 1058547727

Hey, look, Pam: Hénon with an accented 'e'!

Pam Morton-381801 1058550830

Oh yes, doesn't it look nice?   Thank heaven there aren't any accents where I live - and what virus, may I ask?   A computer one or a "nasty?"  Good to hear from Crystalflute at long last, poor lady probably couldn't get a word in edgeways.   I'm going to fill one up with a very nice little rose (pronounced rozay or something like that!) wine which I found while buying lettuces for the hotel on Sunday.   Cheers everyone.


bob-381779 1058551333


Sooo glad to see you back! One tip for France telecom if it means a visit to one of their shops - arrive ten minutes before they open after lunch, you will be first in the queue and dealt with in minutes - otherwise - good luck! (my record is two and a half hours wait - and then they told me they couldnt help . . . . .i was soooo pleased!) :-(

Anyway - Bikes!

Troc de L'ile have a depot at 119 Bd Hoche, Saint Brieuc, tel 02 96 75 07 50

As do the Troc des Sportifs at 2 bis r Cheminots, Le Carpont Ploufragan, tel 02 96 78 28 88 these guys actually specialise in used sports equipment and assure me they have a good selection of bikes!

To find the two adresses above, look no further than AngloINFO as well ! From the AI front page, click on Maps and then on Brittany on the map that appears, then type the address into the boxes on the left and, well, Bobs your uncle !!! Directions to the door.

I will check for your Local tip etc on Monday as everything official is closed now.

Have a lovely weekend,


my best regards,

Carole-381843 1058556125

Hello, I would just like to say that I have found it very interesting reading everyone's remarks about living in Brittany. I am moving to Brittany (nr Dinan) next week and do I know what I am letting myself in for? I think not! But at least everyone seems to have  a sense of humour??? Any tips anyone please, do's or don'ts about living in Brittany? I would be most grateful for any help.

P.S. Will I be able to use my existing cable to connect up to the internet? Previous topics have me a bit worried. Also does anyone know what AOL in France is like, ie. how much? I have AOL in UK but will probably have to cancel it as I'm told it's more expensive to connect up via UK. Thanks for any replies. regards Carole


Pam Morton-381801 1058556644

Welcome to the mad house Carole.   Tips re "do's and don'ts" I think the answer is "do it."   I don't think you'll regret it, particularly with this lot around to give on-line help and laughs.   Regarding your ISP, I don't want to go into details but be careful.   Just keep an eye one things.   The online "techies" (hee, hee) will give  you all the help you need, I'm sure.   And one day Crystalflute will tell us all where she has put her rubbish.   Best of luck. 


bob-381779 1058608825

Internet Service Providers for Brittany or France ?

Ok - to save money go direct to as they have an, as many hours as you can use, all day all night, service for 24.95 euros per month - and their connections work, unlike some of the other free type services . . . . . . .

Re connecter cables, check if your telephone connection cable plugs into the back of your computer modem. If so, you just need to buy a new cable - but be careful to specify "pour le branchement d'un modem d' ordinateur au service Internet" . The same applies if you need an extension cable - dont just buy a normal telephone extension cable, they dont always work (I have the t-shirt on this one!)

For your area I would suggest a visit to the computer department of one of the large Hyper-markets that you will find around St Malo (Geant, LeClerc or Carrefour) on arrival perhaps.

For do's and don'ts . . . . . .? Well . . . . . . . .AngloINFO has thousands of pages of those in the Information section . . . .but don't worry! - If you need any help, just ask . . . .start a new topic on the forum in the appropriate section and help is never far away!


my best regards,

Tink-381737 1058632513

Tsssjkk Tsssjkk&lt1;shakes her head&gt1; I do not want to start a mac &lt1;-&gt1;windows war but too often we mac users are being left out. ;-)
Anyway as a diehard Mac/Linuc user here are the mac equivalents for typing special characters.

The easiest way is if you're a OSX user to go to the utilities folder inside your application folder and start up a little program called Keycaps. In OS9 this is located under the Apple Menu. Hold down the Option key or the shift key to see the special characters.

Most characters are composed using the option/alt key + vowel/letter, followed by the actual letter required...
Option+e then e - é
Option+` then e - è (~` key by Z on extended keyboards)
Option+i then e - ê
Option+u then e - ë

Tink (22)

Pam Morton-381801 1058636989

Hello!   AOL France do an unlimited thingy (well more or less) for €15.99 a month which isn't bad but make sure you cancel your UK connection with them and try to get it in writing especially if you pay by direct debit.   And if you think, "These are the words of a bitter bunny!" you are right.   Best of luck.


Crystalflute 1058805016


Bob told me to thank you publicly (sp) 'cause you're nice and you do a lot for AngloInfo.  So thank you, yet again.

To Carole - I have spent much of today trawling for ISP's and the best I've come up with is Net2Roam at 8p/min; then 14p/min with Vnunet and 24p/min with Free.Fr.  Otherwise there is Wanadoo through France Telecom and also, for plain-speaking advice there is Dr. Keyboard who is very good.

We're leaving East Anglia tomorrow and will be logging on in Brittany (hopefully) on Wednesday night (if they've installed my 'phone).  So ta ra for now.

Thanks again for all help and advice, hope to log on again late this week.

Marian Bloom (aka crystalflute)

Pam Morton-381801 1058819248

No, I think it's thanks to you and Bob and Seeker and everyone - but what IS happening about about your rubbish?   You certainly started something but whether it was intended or not, it's fun.


Pam Morton-381801 1058822944

May I be forgiven for leaving out Mike, the King of the Accents!!!!   I feel one has to be 'umble in the presence of such knowlege.   Anybody got a private plane with a spare seat on August 4th, returning August 9th, Gatwick- Dinard and return?   Just thought I'd ask and no it is not for smuggling in huge supplies of Pimm's No. 1.......


bob-381779 1058979263


Apparently for your commune you have to buy your bin, in a size to suit either 120 litres at 26.07 euros

or 240 litres (recommended) at 34.65 euros

They then deliver it to the door and collect the rubbish on Wednesdays.

For the tip - GOOD NEWS !!

Your local dechetterie is at:

route de la roche

Henon (1.5km from town centre)

And you do not yet need to sort the rubbish for this tip, just turn up with anything you need to get rid of. 

I hope this helps


my best regards,

Pam Morton-381801 1058991575

Hooray and well done Bob.   What ever will we do next now that one's all sorted out?!!!   All the best.


bob-381779 1059001444

I'm sure we will find something else . . . . . .  {:-)


my best regards,

Seeker-381844 1059002540

There a few thousand forum threads on AI Riviera that you might want to draw inspiration from... and then again, maybe not!!

Seeker J

bob-381779 1059007929


All that is yet to come . . . . . . .  {:-I)


my best regards,

Pam Morton-381801 1059052800

Hi Carole,

It has just dawned on me I made a mistake in telling  you AOL France is about €15 a month - sorry, I meant pounds not the other horrid little things!!!   More ga-ga than I thought.......


Seeker-381844 1059060983

Euros, horrid little things, eh, Pam?   Shades of Custer's last stand here, methinks.  Ooh, I sense a Great Debate in the making..

Seeker J

Pam Morton-381801 1059075720

Custer!   Qui, moi?


Tink-381737 1059084276

Hmmmm... I wonder Pam how long have you been in France?
I get so irritated have to converse currency all the time when I read the message boards and can't stop wondering if thinking in pounds all the time doesn't hinder you intregration in the country. Do you also think in Pounds when you're shopping and change all the Euros back to Pounds?

I stopped thinking in dollars myself when we landed on Charles de Gaulle. You can't compare prices all the time if I would do that I would never buy a thing here. Everything seems so much more expensive if I put it in Dollars.

I'm honestly curious as how you manage if you think in pounds all the time, to me it would be so confusing.

Tink (22)

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Hello Tink,

I've actually been coming to the place, where I've now lived for 10 years, for a lot longer than that.   Like vey many people here (French) I still tend to think in Francs.   We have found that the introduction of the Euro has put prices up but my main gripe with it was that they have the chance to be imaginitive and design a completely new currency, one which would be easier for the blind or partially sighted  - triangular coins, wavy coins, you name it but not coins where the face value has already worn off.  Try them with your eyes closed to see what I mean.   Looks like real rain this morning, is this possible?!!!


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