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Good morning lovely people, I hope that you are all well and warm this beautiful morning !I thought that I would put up a wanted post in discussions as it is of a fair level of urgence as I will very soon be needing a new home/vehicle as mine will soon be dying.As a lot of you know, I live in a van so when mine is about to give up the ghost it becomes fairly urgent if not essential for me to find another one quick smart.I have popped up a post in the wanted section on here and on other expat forums but have not heard back from anyone yet and normally I would buy something on a uk visit but due to Brekshit and covid a trip to the uk to find a vehicle is certainly not an option for me at this time.This is where I ask you all if you could keep your eyes and ears open for a van or a camper for me that is under the three and a half ton limit. I need a british reg vehicle as do not have an address in France so use my family address in wales to keep me legally on the road. I am willing to look at anything from a few hundred to a few thousand euros. Around 4 thousand would be what I will be willing to go to at a push,but would like to find something nearer to the 2 to 2 and a half value range. It needs to be both long wheel base and hightop so that it makes a comfortable home.My gearbox in my ldv convoy is about to give in and I now am trying to get by with using the van as little as possible and when I do I have to try and use just first,second and fifth gears which does not make for a good drive !! There are also another couple of faults on the van meaning that even if I change the broken gearbox,I will still need to change the vehicle soon afterwards so a repair will only be a viable option if I can not find another van.If you happen to know of any vehicles that may suit me whether a base van or a camper then please email me on I will be in my woods throughout the week so will not have wifi or a good phone signal, but am limping over from brec’h to near baud every weekend to check my emails for any responses so please anticipate a delay in my getting back to you if you send me mail.Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope that you are all cosy and well and despite all that is being thrown at you at this moment that you are keeping positive and enjoying the beauty around you.Love and light to allJamie xxxx

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Folle-Au Vent-980980 1610291501

" I need a british reg vehicle as do not have an address in France so use my family address in wales to keep me legally on the road. "

??? !!!

Nipper 1610295695

You will have to have a green card and only be able to stay in France for 90 days out of 180 days, then return to the UK.  Have you thought about that? 

Rich by name 1610420138

Jamie, I will keep my eyes and ears open for you though it maybe difficult to find a UK reg here in France, have you no one in ?UK could find you one over there as it would be pretty easy to get shipped over.

itinerant child-414831 1610712456

Folle and nipper, thank you for your thoughts and yes I have considered all the legalities. When one has been a nomad for thirty years one knows the travel laws inside out. Have been in touch with my insurance company and explained my situation and all is sorted out there.

Rich, Thank you for doing that it will be much appreciated.

As for getting someone to look for me, they are all stuck in isolation at the moment and I would not risk them with both lilly law and the nasty virus by asking anyone to do so, though agree that would make life much easier.

Ideally I will get a van from the uk,but will have to see how things go with brekshit and covid first. worse case scenario I will have to bite the bullett and change the gearbox as I may have to go back to Aveyron to finish a couple of jobs before uk travel becomes possible. Good job that I enjoy a challenge :-)

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