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Had an operation on my foot cancelled, can I get it done by paying privately?

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Nipper 1607182928

Surely with your carte vitale and top up, you're paying privately now.

mbw2012 1607239068

I take your point,I was just wondering if there was a way of getting this foot sorted other than waiting for goodness knows how long because the hospital is inundated with covid patients.The cartilage has worn away from a break years ago and it was to be replaced with a metal plate, know any metallurgists?

BrittWhiteAngel 1609019128

Did you try to make an appointment with a surgeon in a clinic?

Private hospitals are sometimes better than public ones, depending on where you live, and are not necessarily more expensive.

mbw2012 1609059898

Thanks for your replies, all is well, it was scheduled for the 30th November and I expected a long wait but I got a phone call for it to be done 16th December and now it's very slowly healing but a painful operation, they gave me a morphine based liquid, Tramadol and buckets of Paracetemol.

The cartilage was worn away at on the joint at the top of the foot grinding bone against bone (from a fracture 60 years ago) the foot was cut on the inside and metal plates put in.

Just thought you'd be interested!!

ItchyFeet 1609065286

We were at the Drs recently regarding a cancelled UK operation and had S2 forms (UK / EU thing) and the dr explained that to help with the NHS he referred us to the equivalent - public in Quimper rather than private which would have been in Brest, inferring that the Quimper route would be cheaper for the NHS than the private brest hospital.
Due to issues getting info off the NHS now we're now going through the French health route.
My other half had waited 4 years, op last March was cancelled and only contact since is last week the NHS asking if she still wanted the op, no other info asked or given.
My opinion, go for any route where you get the op.
We got a date on the first appointment the dr made.

mbw2012 1609069493

If it's any consolation the French health system is superb with this last one I was only 16 days overdue, whereas I thought it would be months. The aftercare is excellent, I have an infirmier call every day to give me a DVT injection and change bandages every 2 days.

A previous operation on the prostate was faultless, put your trust in the French!

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