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Hi We are looking to move Brittany and are trying to find out some information before making a final decision. We have 4 kids the oldest is 15 and disabled. He attends a special needs school in Britain and leaves next year. The government will pay for him to attend college on life skill and work courses until he's 23 so long as he continues to learn. Then there are a number of places he can go on to. We have no idea how much progress he will make other the next few years but he is still learning and surprising us. Until last year he was unable to write. We would like to know what facillites we would find for him in France. Thank you  

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Pam Morton-381801 1062015016

Hello,   I think you need to start with your Mairie, they will know all about the educational side of it and probably be able to suggest various options to you.   There is a huge amount of very good work done in Brittany for disabled youngsters which includes, as well, the social skills.   Best of luck to you all



osarisanhur 1062035038

Hi Pam

Thank you for your reply. We will try that. Thanks.


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